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  1. I wonder if players and coaches are struggling with adapting to the new format this year. Playing the same team 3x in one week? Playing 26 less games in the season? I think some players are used to lasting for 82 games and now they only have 56 - so in theory they could push a lot more earlier in the season!
  2. Part of the predictability is we never played teams 3x in a row on the same week! Playing the same teams 9 times when many of them we'd only play 2 times in the past, changes the whole season.
  3. I think losing those three is huge - bigger than people expected. They are all key pieces that without them are exposing weaknesses. Lack of defensive pairs, lack of cohesive lines, inexperienced goalie.
  4. Yeah they do get paid a lot of money. I still think that playing in empty rinks with no fans cheering for 56 games and not seeing their family the whole time is got to weigh on their heads.
  5. I'm not sure folks are seeing how BORING this year must be for players due to how Covid / pandemic has screwed up everything for the past year and part of two seasons. Last season was impacted by the pandemic, which split the season apart and then changed how the playoffs were played. The regular season was shorted by 12 games and the playoff run that usually get teams going lost momentum. First *Covid Stanley Cup! This season, there are no fans / playing in empty arenas and a shortened 56 game season with a realigned league and divisions. The players will be allowed to
  6. Anyone getting grumpy about Markstrom signing with Calgary, remember we don't know the details of negotiations. I think it's fair for Markstrom to sign for more money. I enjoyed watching Markstrom play will miss his solid goaltending. We will say in the next year how important that piece was to the Canucks improving this year and into the playoffs.
  7. Sad to see Markstrom go, but understand the business side of this transaction. If anything we shore up the goalie position and have more $$ to resign other players.
  8. I still don't understand how quickly people are wanting to move Markstrom and make Demko starter. I understand it's likely around the contract issue, so to me we see how all the contracts are going to pan out and then decide. IF Demko got injured next year, what would we do? Demko has played a total of 4 playoff games / .986 sv and 37 season games / .906 sv. Markstrom has played 14 playoff games / .916 sv and 272 season games / .911 sv. I think it would be a lot to expect Demko to play 40-60 games per season with the added pressure as the startup goalie. Lots of goalies play well a
  9. I'd suggest before we get ahead of ourselves that we consider: we hadn't got to the playoffs in FIVE years we hadn't won a single playoff game in NINE years. The last time we'd won a playoff game was in the 2011 Stanley Cup finals. we played a pandemic shorted season Why does it matter? Because we have to be very careful about building on and not breaking team chemistry. We can get excited because we got to round 2 in the playoffs, but it took a pandemic shortened season and no crowd or family distractions to get us there. We don't even know if we would have made th
  10. What hurts about losing this series is that it had been NINE years since the Canucks last one a single playoff game. The last playoff series run for the Canucks was going to the Stanley Cup finals in 2011. This year reminded me how fun it is watching the Canucks win playoff games. It had been 5 years since we'd even made the playoffs, so let's build off this momentum! It hurts knowing IF we had one this series, we would have been one of FOUR teams left to fight for the Stanley cup finals. A new series would have meant rest time and a reset to play against a different team.
  11. WTF! A golden opportunity with a 5 minute major and they get ONE shot on their powerplay?!!! 6 shots in two periods. At this rate, Canucks will have the lowest shot total in a playoff day. Why didn't the NHL let them play on Saturday? This would be a MUCH better game.
  12. Canucks just look tired right now. They need to kill this penalty and find their energy. They are really making me nervous the way they are running around chasing Vegas.
  13. Vancouver has got to start getting shots. 3 shots in two periods! Not a good game by Vancouver. They need to find their second wind. They are sloppy, a step behind Vegas, and need to push back!
  14. As someone else mentioned and I agreed, it's like watching a giraffe on skates. But hey if he keeps Tuch etc off the board, then I'm good.
  15. Amazing to think their faceoff % was so high yet Vegas still managed to dominate puck time in the offensive zone. If they can keep dominating faceoffs and keep the puck in the Vegas' zone in game 7 that would be awesome!
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