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  1. 20 mins in what may be the series and I am behind by 4points ...?
  2. I finally cursed myself with that look at moves making me points earlier ...lol I believe the tables are now turned...advantage:Winnipeg.
  3. I think we should type in the time of our picks when we pick....but only if its a real pick, not a tip inside or a wipe or a blow...i mean two nuckles deep picking action.
  4. Shoul have captioned that "it is a cup of tears" the hardest pro sport trophy to win but I am guessing if your the horse so is the triple crown
  5. MSG NEWS 2013: Yearend Edition: Highly respected Dman Luca Sbisa has been informed that he is on the move, even while he is on the mend. New York has partially confirmed rumours that the smart young blueliner has been traded for a big boost to the top six forward group. Several players have yet to be informed of the trade call, and the league has not formally noted the trade at this time, so few details are available. Rangers GM Optimist Prime only said "We consider this our 'blockbuster' for the year, we may deal and tweak a bit as we move through towards the trade deadline, but this is
  6. Klein's First Goal of the Year! sweet!. Colton Sceviour keeps on right where he left off before the holidays: assist and plus 2 for 7 points. Noice! It is the little things that entertain me most.
  7. It is very weird, I have tried asking mods to fix it over the years, stealthnuk himself was made aware last time...no resolution, i guess cuz i got the original account active again but lost the 2007 account...now this and i am back to 2007...sigh. Adrian was another guy aware of it,,,maybe that is stealths real name?? dunno.
  8. GAME ON! I trust everyone is having very happy holidays, and enjoying the WJC tournament, but our game is back in action tonight, with a wide range of players on the ice. I want everyone that I may have been in conversation with last week via PM to know that my wicked stupid 'thing' happened again. In 2007 I bought a new computer and promptly completely forgot my password to login to my account here, and the email it is attached to has long since gone..so i can't reset the password. So I made this account to get back in. Well, several years later I got a new machine and wouldn't yo
  9. thinks the plus minus system here on CDC is the best upgrade in years!!

  10. I forgot about this punching bag of a thread we have pinned here. hahaha
  11. Drop the Prime or drop the gloves, thats all i have to say.
  12. note to readers: this is not my article. I am the Optimist Prime of the cdc forums page, long time registered user of the name, this article and other ones that link directly from the CDC homepage are made by someone who simply stole my user name, and is trashing it with less than adequate blogging.
  13. The only way available to me, making enquiries by posting in HIS blog, which he promptly deletes.
  14. Hrm, Dazzle might have a point, and my suspicious nature is making me think this is the revenge of DOOP. ROFL. All well, imitation is the best form of flattery, i suppose, but still: a pair of home game tix might wash this poison pill down a little nicer.
  15. LOL Dazzle, take your own advice, its sports related entertainment, nothing more, but you would be PO'd too if the main canucks page started a Dazzle's Corner that you had no knowledge of: and the new replacement dazzle was a bit of a nob gobbler.
  16. The Official Optimist Prime's blog, if you will allow for his creative licence, is a total ripoff of my Canucks.com login ID and 'persona' here at the website since April 2007. There does not appear to be any official or even unofficial reason why this guy was allowed to steal my name for blogging on the website. Nor has anyone reached out to me to try to explain anything to me regarding the need to a weekly officially recognized blog using my Login Name and accepted 'persona' by 50,000 plus registered members on CDC. I have mentioned this numerous times on the forums, and twice to t
  17. Boy is my face RED!!! Happy to be wrong, glad to see the second strait game where the team sustained a full 60 minutes of pressure and as an added bonus we saw some team Tuffness tonight, great game, amazing win.
  18. You sir, are an impostor, and as such, I have been 'forced' to make and create in a blog of my own, entitled The Real Optimist Prime's Blog. I sincerely hope you change your nom de plume to something more fitting like IStoleThisName2. Good day. I said good day.
  19. Just a quick intro note to say that Game Time is in roughly half an hour for the Rangers game tonight, and I am not feeling this one... Sorry faithful, I do believe in our players, and our depth, but as the old war movie title says, this ones a bridge too far. I really hope they can prove me wrong tonight, that would be amazing, and I intend to watch every moment live. Which is why my introductory blog entry is a short one, I am off to watch and be amazed by my Nucks Resilience as they overcome huge odds and maybe even surprise me, one of their top fans tonight. I just feel that the inj
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