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  1. Happy Birthday Coca Cola

  2. skating wouldnt be fun if you were good at it hahaha its more fun when you fall down all the time and stuff and you never know who will come by to help you up ;).....id love to skate at gm place one day

  3. haha well i tried using those little cone things but it didn't help much. I went skating with my volleyball team once and my coach literally had to peel me off the boards. It's kind of sad because I actually used to be decent at skating a few years ago.

  4. use those little bar thiniges haha they're so much fun

    i cant skate to save my life either so normally i just hold onto the boards or ill use those bars...if its really empty i race against my friends its fun untill you get caught

  5. hahha i wish! I can barely skate, actually. it's rather embarrassing.

  6. man yeah shannon is quite the hero hahah that was an awsome move..."pull a shannon" hahah thats pretty funny i would like to see you do that and who knows you man be good enough to be the first women on the canucks

  7. haha I actually have no idea what they eat. Ryan Shannon is my new hero. I would join hockey just so i could 'pull a shannon'

  8. Yeah i laughed for awhile after i saw that hahah the ultimate diss just wooo in his face hahah that was uh-ma-zing!!!!!<3 lol i think burrows can have fried rice dont they all eat chinese food all the time

  9. lol it was extremely random.

    hmm, i never thought if he can have friend rice or not. In my dream he did.


    it was orgasmic.

    Ryan Shannon's penelty shot too.

    I liked how when the goalie pushed him he just yelled in his face.

  10. hahah wow thats pretty ummm random hahah is he allowed to eat fried rice??? lol hahahah

    how about that goal huh?? pretty amazing <3

  11. I miss Mitchell too. Last night I had a dream Burrows came to my house and I gave him friend rice. How weird is THAT?

  12. Thats the first thing i thought about when i saw him hahah he resembles one but he is an excellent hockey player and very well spoken so that makes up for it

    but he rocks

  13. haha! i never looked as mitchell as a monkey before. Just did, and its kind of true lol.

  14. Well Burrows isnt like super hot he's cute and adorable and yeah...haahaha

    mitchell resembles a monkey but hes alright

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