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  1. I could've, but that was part of why I wrote the comment.. why are we getting an update on Ham but not Eddy
  2. I'm not blaming him for anything. I just couldn't care less whether he plays or sits, but am wondering about Edler's status.
  3. I remember a season or two ago, Vegas sent him back down to the minors after a 2G game right after a call up... is he just defensively a liability?
  4. may as well just wait 2 hours and see who's on the ice if that's the case lol..
  5. I agree with you. There was no chance that puck got past the Mtl defender, and even if it did.. not sure if it even had enough steam to make it to the point in time
  6. Seems strange to say this after a game where we weren't hemmed into our own end at all..
  7. dude, f*$% Benn.... why would you pull Chatfield out who had a good game for him??
  8. Exactly. The mistake unfortunately was made long ago so it's just not worth even talking about now. Markstrom Tanev Toffoli vs. Holtby Eriksson Sutter/Beagle
  9. Wtf... looks like they are both shoving the ref out of the way to give each other a hug.. celebrating an imaginary goal together or what??
  10. It was, but still concerning how many "freak accidents" Tkachuk is constantly involved in... think he might be the freak accident