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  1. Well from a fan's perspective, a deal is only "good" if it is best for the team. From a competitive (thus enjoyment for us) standpoint, we don't benefit at all when guys are being overpaid (I mean, aside from the fact that the Oilers and Blackhawks can screw themselves lol)
  2. "Not a lot of mistakes made by our group".... uh, what? Your C made two on one shift if I remember right... Demko stoned at least 3 grade A chances in the first period alone that happened due to mistakes.. we sure aren't getting far if Green believes that was a close to mistake-free game..
  3. I'd rather Pod keeps his eyes closed than try to learn any thing from guys like Chiasson..
  4. not like it matters much, but since I noticed, he wears #91, not #83.
  5. Exactly. It wouldn't be shocking at all for Pod to follow a very similar path. I would've still given him a look with some more skilled players right off the get go, but I think we also forget that this is a guy who's had only like a dozen or two real practices with his team
  6. lol.. guess Horvat was just a fluke then too.. your comments are so dismissive there is clearly no point of actually trying to have a constructive discussion. I disagree that Pod is better off playing 20+ mins in the AHL and will just leave it at that
  7. What about both of the Tkachuks, Landeskog, Anderson... those are just a few names that come to find that were all definitely playing in the NHL in their D+2 season. Even all that aside, I still fail to see any circumstance where it is "ideal" for Pod to be playing in the AHL this year
  8. Oh and I'm not really sure how Virtanen is a good example of anything really, considering he clearly did not have his head screwed on right
  9. Well I'd personally argue that he IS "literally NHL ready", but yeah, I have no idea wtf he is doing on the 4th line..
  10. But how is that ideal? "Ideally", a top 10 F pick makes your team D+2. If they don't, likely they didn't warrant being that high of a pick
  11. "Ideally" Podz, a top 10 pick, plays his entire D+2 season in the AHL?? Kinda hard to take your seriously after that comment..
  12. 100% if the F played that better he could've done that.. the point is that a veteran d-man notices that the F hasn't tied up his man, and doesn't attempt to make that move.
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