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  1. Oh really? Yeah I think it was a pretty well known fact because there was talk about how the Canucks should have traded down to draft Petey but that wouldn't have worked because the Rangers would've 100% snagged him at #7. Not trying to be a dick or anything.. just FYI
  2. Lol, the Ranger are getting in on the action https://www.blueshirtbanter.com/2021/6/18/22533580/nhl-the-new-york-rangers-should-offer-sheet-elias-pettersson-jack-eichel
  3. Yes but nothing was forcing us to resign Gauds or Benn. We could easily signed guys in the offseason to league min or even tried guys out on PTOs
  4. Oh ok well I agree with you there. It's just that you said "true" to a comment saying we shed cap, when in reality we actually increased next year's cap by $1.5m (albeit for 2 players making league min at least)
  5. I don't get how it's the sad reality.. no $ was committed to either Gaudette or Benn next year
  6. Except neither of those guy were signed into next year.. so actually we just committed $1.5 mil to two replacement level players
  7. lol.. you're the one that sounds mad for some reason.. why can't I talk about time? a 7 year rebuild and you guys are still defending this buffoon
  8. I've been "sitting back" for 3 years now.. how much time does he need? And a experienced GM isn't supposed to be making a "mistake" that costs a team 5+ years of being competitive
  9. ? no.. you are the one wasting people's time saying that one player is better than another, when you haven't even seen one of them play
  10. you just admitted to never watching Highmore play and are now calling him the better player... why waste everyone's time making stuff up?
  11. Exactly.. I don't see how he gets a raise up to anything over 1.2mil when his production is worse than the year after which he signed for 900k... And like you said, we could find these guys easily next year in FA and even evaluate them via PTOs before signing.
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