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  1. yyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hhhhaaawwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! do we have THE best 3rd line in the league or WHAT????!!!! glad I stayed up late to watch gone 3am here now though - time to sleep. Will have sweet dreams now
  2. Thank you for the blogs, Ryan, they were a great read all year I've been stupidly proud to watch you approach your potential this year - I won't say reach, because I know the best is yet to come All the very best of luck to Andrea and yourself for the coming months - wishing her a safe flight home and an uncomplicated birth We can't wait to send our welcome messages to baby M Sarah
  3. hi Ryan - thank you for taking the time to blog at such a busy time of the year, in your case busy professionally and personally with your daughter on the way. I have had the pleasure this past week to see you and Senor Burrows play live for the first time, as I have dragged my son over here for a little road trip. If you hear any English accents cheering you on tomorrow at the Saddledome, that'll be us First time I have ever had the pleasure of mixing with fellow Kesfans We are a rapidly growing population... Good luck with the rest of the season, and beyond, and of course the baby I hope Andrea is enjoying her pregnancy, and you are both savouring your last couple of months of peace... Sarah
  4. .CM.

    Yeah, well I actually live in Clearwater, BC which is only about 5 hours away from Vancouver. We moved from England about 6 years ago.

  5. r_o_o

    hi young un, yes, you aren't alone supporting the Nux from afar :)

  6. .CM.

    COOL, a fellow English person!!!

  7. Glad you had fun at D&I, and that Andrea is doing well, it sounds like pregnancy really suits her Maybe young Rylan/Kennedy/Mckayla Kesler will be the first of many? Thanks for taking the time to keep us all updated Sarah (who is counting down the days until March 17th when I finally get to fly over from England and see you guys play at GM Place , yay!!!!)
  8. huge huge huge congratulations from across the pond to you and Andrea, so happy for you both. if I could knit I'd be making bootees
  9. Have a good Christmas, Ryan love the little ornament, pretty impressive work for a 5 year old
  10. cheers for finding the time to blog in the middle of a busy road trip, Kes. good luck with Minny. going to be an interesting one I already have it in for Boogaard after what he did to Bert a few weeks back, so if you want to wind him up some (without getting hurt, please), then that's fine by me. And happy thanksgiving
  11. Always an entertaining read, Ryan, cheers for taking the time. Back to a bit of hockey now, huh? You have been a pleasure to watch this season. Hope that finger's ok, looked nasty. You need reinforced gloves, mate wonder if I can post a pic on here - want to see that fresh faced kid that signed in cursive, guys? wasn't he cuuuuuute (he's going to hate me for this lol)
  12. that was interesting you're doing ok I was sorry to see you go, but not too worried, because I know you'll be back great to see the Moose doing so well. Carrying a ton of talent right now. keep up the good work
  13. I couldn't agree more I had a rant on my own blog about the ungrateful, shortsighted, idiotic little......grrrrr ........ must temper language on CDC The guys must be really down on playing at home at the moment. I'm flying out to Canada in March to see a couple of games, one at GM, one at Rexall. If I hear more booing for the Nucks in Van than in Edmonton I will be so annoyed. (Hopefully though I'll get to see us win at home, so the boo-ers will be nice and quiet)
  14. I felt so sorry for you the other day when the accident happened with Taylor's eye, you looked so concerned for him over at the bench. Really enjoying reading your blog, keep it going when you get time
  15. I really enjoy reading your blog, Ryan. Thank you for taking the time. Glad you enjoyed the gig, and your Xbox. Listening to the Kings game, sounds like you are having a great game so far, keep it up