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  1. k u guys are retards. this guy was hilarious.

  2. Anyone wants an invite to HFboards PM me.. (their registration is by invite now)

  3. arnt u gone yet?

  4. Who knows or cares. Let's just be happy that he's gone.

  5. oh lol man ok, i was like wtf,

    its all good now though, allll good

  6. holy **** i just realized you are a girl, like the person before me said didnt it say you were a guy?? ahaha

  7. lol yeah, i changed it for fun. im a guy.

  8. didnt your profile used to say you were a guy?

  9. lol, i was bored yesterday. just did that for fun :P

  10. Hey bilal didnt know u were a girl lmfao :P

  11. Now now, that's not nice. Did your mommy not teach you your manners? I could call you a childish name back but I will choose not to. I have the maturity to choose wisely enough not to call a young kid a ****er or something.

    Have a good day!