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  1. Can't answer that, but if we want Rathbone to actually turn out then he needs to go develop. He's not going to develop in the NHL, he's just not ready to be there yet and there is nothing wrong with that.
  2. Really looking like Rathbone needs to go to Abby. I felt like that during preseason, it's getting more obvious as the games go on that he's not ready yet.
  3. I tried steaming the game on SN Now, and the fans sounded super quiet.. internet at work isn't good enough tonight to successfully stream so I switched to the radio, and fans sounded 10x louder.. Not sure what's going on with that, if it's a Sportsnet Broadcast thing?
  4. I will be so happy when Baseball is done and we get back on Sportsnet Pacific.. While I'm up at work it's hard to watch the games with terrible internet, and we don't have SN1 up here.
  5. Yep, we have 4 dmen that can penalty kill. So if one of them is in the box then we are in tough. Juolevi would've been a good choice, but he failed the bag skate so had to be traded.
  6. Miller should be there, and Boes should be where Miller is. Need to utilize Boesers shot, since it's the best on the team.
  7. Well he's playing like a 4th liner this year, minus the physicality.
  8. Woop Bo! And holy $&!# a shot! Look what happens when you shoot boys?? Who would have &^@#ing thought?
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