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  1. Why should I think that any success is due to the gvt? Have they even claimed a success? I think we should be cautious in what we think defines a success until if and when this is over and what that life will be like. That’s a ridiculous question imo. sorry.
  2. You pick on a word? One word? That’s it? chill out DBTR. How many times do I have to say the words: inconclusive, unsubstantial, incomplete, diluted, before you see them? so much more anger in here than I expected.
  3. He called the thread $&!#ty with no reason to label it so. I explained why I feel it’s not. regardless I would be more than willing to try friendship with him in the real world. thats the thing I’m used to discussing anything with people who disagree with me. I don’t take it personal. Sometimes that’s comes with heat. But if you have respect it can be very beneficial to disagree and as result maybe learn something. Disagreeing forces one to be sharp and thoughtful. before all this I used to sit at a poker table every second Friday. Age range 20-65. Core group of 8 with some stragglers. One guy is Iranian. One guy is a white newfy married to an Iranian woman. And one guy has no joke worn a MAGA hat to the table. The conversations are amazing. People get into it. People get heated. Then we all just deal the cards and come back for more in two weeks.
  4. Medium security?........ please..... dudes be having weekend good behaviour “meetings” on weekends on the regular
  5. How so? to date it’s been repeat post after post of world death tally watching and graph models that mean nothing. Score keeping and debating over is JT or trump better at handling this crisis. at least now there is some diversified real talk that is difficult to discuss which imo is far more worthwhile than the drone to date.
  6. remember how much of a fighter you are and stick to that. youre getting through this.
  7. I saw this. It’s a beauty. The video where they talk about needing media in the process is startling.
  8. Um. Well I have no qualifications. i guess that’s why I made my statement and then supported said statement with countless scientific references and direct quotes made by those who are qualified. so I’ll just assume you haven’t bothered to read any of it. do you even read? if you don’t I have also posted a video with Dr. bahkdi. I’d say he is qualified.
  9. Good to hear. Farmers need as much support as possible.
  10. These are the experts I was told to believe by cdc posters.
  11. Literally can’t online thank you enough for this post. i ask for patience as I fumble my way through new territory. I’m not a researcher and I don’t write presentations or opinion pieces. So to everyone and you bare with my holes in delivery methods.
  12. Actually lol my history as a target here jus started this week. no doubt my “vagueness” is not the only reason I’ve become a “target”....or flammable material lol.
  13. My apologies. I hope I’ve made it clear now and will be sure to announce my intents in the future like everyone else.
  14. of course it is reactionary also applies to not being prepared. thats on everyone.
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