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  1. As some requested. I've included a couple of good passing plays, a hit and some shots, along with the goal. He started the game on the RW of Reinhart and Klimchuk. After he returned from the Scherbak hit, he was then lined up on the LW of Quenneville and Hawryluk. On this line, he really began to shine. I thought that line as a whole was the best for Team WHL; generated a lot of chances, forechecked hard and played the body hard.
  2. Due to many ppl on other boards asking for the hit, I uploaded it last night. http://youtu.be/uyZVwKVlH90
  3. Wildcard on defense? That is simply not what i saw. He was very steady and played it very safe. Tryamkin is not a wildcard on defense... Subban is a wildcard on defense.
  4. Just finished He does not jump into the play too often. More often, he is the guy furthest back because he prefers the safe play. From the games i have watched, his defensive game (next to his size) is his biggest strength. This is a very smart player defensively, always in position, active stick, plays the body when necessary, and as you will see in the video, he makes players pay in front of the net. His reach knocks away a lot of pucks and thwarts many entrances into his zone. He is nearly impossible to move once he has body position on the opponent. Also from what
  5. I am working on a video for his play during the WJC, maybe Tuesday night? ------------- I have watched a couple of games so far, here's my takeaway: I never thought someone could make Zadorov look like rather small. But Tryamkin does. I don't believe he is 265, if so, i do wonder where weight has gone. He is not scrawny like Chara or Zadorov, but he isn't a really thick man like Big Buff is either. The 240lb listing seems much more accurate based on what i've seen. He moves fairly well for his size. Average accelerating, straight line speed is actually good. Mobility is good,
  6. I use CS4 Premiere Pro for the videos. Was pretty simple to use after watching a tutorial on vimeo.

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