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  1. I agree, Domi was a non factor and made himself look pretty immature, especially for his misconduct. Typical Domi. After the whistle goes, Domi uses his "toughness". He goes over to cross check Bignell in his lower back and targets where there is no padding. Then he mugs him from behind and tackles him and the linesman to the ice. Starts throwing some gloved shots at Bignell's body. Subban and Domi are very good friends off the ice. At the draft when Jordan was still waiting to be selected, Domi noticed he still didn't go yet and was waiting a long time, so he took off his PHX jersey and sat with Subban until he was chosen. Said he didn't want Jordan to sit alone and wanted to support his friend. So i found the scrum a bit odd. Could just be on-ice competitiveness, rather than bad blood between them.
  2. That depth chart is horrid. How is Wesley Myron better than Shinkaruk at this point, much less the write off of Steven Anthony. Anyone thinking Alex Friesen is more ready for the NHL than Gaunce is smoking something. Matt Beattie played LW/RW for every game last season. LaBate has played on the LW for the majority of the past 2 seasons in Wisconsin, but both of these guys are listed as Centers. Price adapted to the level of play with the Wolves better than Polasek and Sauve, yet he is last on the list for D.
  3. 1. Last season had adequate development? Now that's funny. Connauton looked like a guy who could play defense and run a PP and was an AHL Allstar. Tanev got prime time to work on all facets of his game, PK&PP, looked steady in all of those areas. This season he looked shaky for several games and for Tanev's standards. Sauve took a big step forward last season to the point where i thought he might be a Canuck in the near future and as I mentioned, several steps backwards this season. Now I don't even think he is worth a contract. Schroeder took huge steps defensively and in his all around game, began to shoot more and MacT would stay long after practice to help Schroeder on his game and face offs in particular. Rodin had an inconsistent first half last season, but really picked up his consistency in the 2nd half, was looking dangerous offensively. Now I find it hard for me to notice him in a game. If last season is adequate development, let me know when its well above average. Id like to witness that. On paper, this seasons AHL roster was significantly better than last season, with the additions of Sterling, Ebbett, Gordon (all 3 ahl allstars). I don't believe that the lockout AHL made the significant difference that you are indicating. Sure, its a factor but not to the extent you imply. You brought up OKC, we played them twice! We play Peoria, Milwaukee, GR, and Rockford the most. These are teams that were not that "significantly" impacted; we had 3 NHLers (ZK, JS, CT), GR had 3 (Tatar, smith, Lashoff), Peoria had 2 (Schwartz and cole), Rockford had the most with 5 (Kruger, saad, shaw, leddy, and bollig), and Milwaukee had 3 (Ellis, Bourque and Blum). Just how much at a disadvantage were we? Going into the season, even accounting for the lockout, we were supposed to be a very good team with vet presence, good role players and a deep as hell blue line with top pairing AHL dmen in Joslin, Mullen, Tanev and Connauton. I cannot concede that this was a team unable to contend with an increased level of competition. 2. A team like abbotsford? The one that sent its 2nd round pick mitch wahl, who was outplayed, to the ECHL as well? No they would never do that because according to your theory, they should gift spots to their prospects. Hunt has become the teams best dman since the lockout. He deserves to be in the lineup and is deserving of his Allstar game nod. Why are you holding on to fans and one writer's opinions of a defunct and dysfunctional NHL organization, instead of looking at the relationship that is built and continuing to be built with its current NHL org? IMO, it's two completely different situations and we have to recognize that.
  4. 1.Once again, how can the same organization whose management team remains unchanged develop players well one year to a team that has an ulterior motive to play their vets and stagnate our prospects? This is simply illogical. You identified two prime indictments of the Wolves supposed incompetence. Polasek and Rodin. 2. You state you understand that other teams benefitted from top players moving down to the NHL. This happened to us as well. Polasek was pushed out of a spot because of the introduction of Tanev and Canuck guns for hire in Joslin and Mullen. Where is the blame to place on the Wolves? It's the Canucks moves that pushed him out of a spot. Whom would you rather have warming the bench, Miskovic or Polasek? Polasek got moved down for playing time, simple as that. Now he's back since there is room. 3. You have attributed the blame of Rodins play on the Wolves treatment of our young players, suggesting he has been given the short end of the stick. No, he has Ben given plenty of opportunity on the PP and in the top 6. He and only himself has failed to take the opportunity by the horns and capitalize. He is an inconsistent player who IMO has been playing himself out of a contract.
  5. Sorry, gave it an hour! I can't know what is and isn't in Arniels mind. What I can tell you is what I see on the ice and the decisions hes made. PK has been a major issue since the beginning of the season whereas it was a great advantage under MacT. Last season, we were regularly in the top 5 PK teams all year long. This season, we were in the bottom 5 for literally months. Personnel decisions here affected the team greatly and it's effectiveness. Arniel decided to use Ebbett on the first unit despite a blind person seeing that he was a major liability there. He neglected to use last years regular PKers in Schroeder, Sweatt, and Miller; players who attributed to the excellence last season. He Even had Friesen on the PK instead of these guys. It's baffling. Sauve looks confused as to what role he is in and what he is supposed to be doing. The Canucks want him to play a simple game such as he was last season, to the point that I thought he might be able to contribute in a 7-8 dman role for the Canucks. He has taken several steps back because he has gotten so far away from a simple game. He is now a high risk player on the ice with little reward with his poor pinches and poor decision making with the puck. Kassian and Schroeder were ultimately the offensive cogs in the "tougher" AHL part of the season since Haydar and Ebbett could not handle the increased talent level. It was plain to see that the most effective players offensively were Kass and JS, but he refused to put them on the first PP. He refused to put them out there in the final minutes when trying to tie a game. They were given paltry PP minutes when they should have been a prime tool on the PP. MacT in 6 games had Jensen on the first PP because he recognized the talent and goal scorer he had in him. Has Arniel forgotten how to coach? No, but are his decisions questionable? Highly and I think they are a contributing factor to the struggles of the Wolves this season.
  6. Wow, what a compelling argument. You get a well deserved slow clap. I know it's hard to argue with someone who watches all the games and uses logic, but a video? You can do better.
  7. So how does an organization go from developing prospects well one year to distinctly preferring to play their vets and ruining our prospects, when the organization has not changed a single bit? The only significant change was the coaching staff, brought along and supported by the Canucks. So you assess this lockout AHL season, understand that the level of play has increased due to NHL players being on AHL rosters and give Arniel the benefit of the doubt. But you use the Polasek demotion as an indictment against the Wolves? Did you take a look at D line up at the beginning of the season? Tanev - Canucks Connauton - Canucks Joslin - Canucks Mullen - Canucks Andersson - Canucks Sauve - Canucks Matheson - Wolves Hunt - Wolves Miskovic - Wolves That's 6 out of 9 for the Canucks. That's a defensive core that Polasek would not allow Polasek to play big minutes like he should be. And I love Polasek, after watching all of his games last season, I really thought he could step to become a regular this season but playing time for him is more important than warming a bench in this AHL lockout affected year. --------- So your hunch is based on what you've read on HF and based on the Wolves interactions with their previous NHL affiliate. But not with the Vancouver Canucks? Several people close to the team have been on record to say that the involvement by the Canucks is night and day than with the Thrashers and that it is significantly better. Lorne Henning is very active in their management and is frequently in Chicago to provide his input and supervise the development of prospects there. Rather than use their relationship with the Trashers, take a look at their relationship with the Canucks.
  8. Might not add up to what your perceptions are, but watching the way he is coaching the team game in and game out, he definitely shares a majority of the blame for the poor start this season with his personnel decisions and his ability to control a team. How many goals have they given up 2 minutes after they score a goal? How many blown leads have they had in the 3rd? How much have they been outscored in the 3rd? These are all issues he let flounder for weeks and pissed away points. So how do you explain MacT's team? You still have yet to touch on that. The Chicago Wolves organization were one and the same, still have the same GM and mgmt team. Connauton got first pairing minutes, first PP, some PK time. Sweatt, Schroeder, Rodin were given top 6 spots, Rodin was given top PP minutes for a majority of the year. Schroeder was given top PK minutes, whereas this season, he was not even on the top 2 PK units. Tanev in his time there got first pairing minutes, top PP, top PK. Sauve got prime shutdown minutes and was used on the top PK unit. Each of these guys experienced great development years with ample playing time last season How does this signify a Chicago Wolves team that has an ulterior motive of preferring vets and inhibiting the development of players? Sorry, it just doesn't jive with what i've seen on the ice and what i've heard from the commentators. That's all you are going on, a guess, a hunch, whatever you are calling it. Where is the basis of this guess?
  9. Atlanta wasn't unhappy, they were neglectful and didn't care about their prospects. They didn't care about making the effort to build a bridge between their AHL team and NHL team. Give me a break. I loathe this perpetuating rumour. Our kids are stagnating because of a coach the Canucks pushed for, Arniel, and a rookie defense coach in Baumgartner, another Canuck. You can't put the blame solely on the Wolves and then conveniently forget how MacT provided a great developmental year for just about all our prospects last season. Its absurd. Its Arniel who was forcefeeding Ebbett and Haydar when they were struggling mightly. MacT did more developmentally than Arniel has. yet the organization has stayed the same. Puzzling, I know, but the coach you choose really does make a difference. Blame the Canucks' decision hiring Arniel, not the Wolves. If you want to know why Rodin is struggling, look no further than searching Anton Rodin in google. He has the skill/talent and had his first healthy offseason. His inconsistency is inexplicable and inexcusable.
  10. Personally, Andersson has leaped all defensemen on the Wolves for me. Not even a contest for Sauve and Polasek (whom i've been supporting for quite some time). Better suited for the NHL than Connauton, IMO. Andersson is not that far from being NHL ready. He consistently impresses me with how smart he is with the puck, his efficient puck movement, and his poise. He is so solid defensively with his decision making. Its rare to see him make a mistake. He wins battles along the boards and plays his man well. He hasn't gotten near the PP time that Connauton has, but i think he can be a contributor there as well. He did not look out of place early in the season when he got a chance there. He has a good shot and makes smart passes. He is also becoming more assertive offensively which is nice to see. He has adapted rather easily to the small rink and the AHL style of play. He does not shy away from physical play like Erixon did. If i had to choose a comparable, i'd say Carl Gunnarsson. That goes beyond the Swedish connection, but mainly how solid defensively they are and how they can chip in a bit offensively with their smart play.
  11. Beattie was used on the 3rd Line LW when he did play. I saw the last 3 games prior to his disappearance (whether it be for injury or benching or otherwise). In that last game I watched, he got promoted actually half way through the game to the 2nd line and got time on the top PP. So I tend to lean towards it not being a strict benching, rather some kind of injury or other factor. And personally, i thought he was noticable and impressed me for a 7th round pick. Although the stats won't excite a single person here, i think there's more to his game than that. He is a high energy player who initiates physical contact (seems to like it) and is a good forechecker. Very mobile for a guy his size, showed flashes of skill and nice hands. I wouldn't say his defense is a place of concern, he is in the right places. His offense is a bit of a concern, he generates chances, but rarely shoots and isn't assertive enough with the puck. Definitely something to work on in the next couple of years. I'm being patient with this one, there's something to work with.
  12. The Bulls are not a bad team. They are 2nd in their conference. What they are is a defensive focused team, that plays very structured hockey, excels on the PK and is leading the league in PK%. They are a low scoring team because of that. There is an ongoing joke that the coach likes to stifle offensive creativity and playing at a high-tempo. I watched both of Gaunce's games this weekend. Probably the best i've seen Gaunce play. He was a force at both ends of the ice. Dominant on the faceoff dot and excellent on the PK. He was active with his stick and blocking passing lanes on the PK, but perhaps the best part of his PK is winning that first draw to clear the puck and waste time. Only when he was off the PK, did the other team score or get prime scoring chances. Also, there was an article about the Bulls PK and how everyone buys into the system and their shot blocking mentality. Gaunce was very willing to get in front of the shots. His defensive positioning is very mature. Offensively, he was creating scoring chances with his good vision, made some nice passing plays that his linemates could not handle. Scored yesterday in front of the net on the PP, he pushed off the defender, received a pass and dangled forehand backhand. Tonight he scored by finding open space next to the net to deflect a point shot into the net. He made two memorable hits this weekend. One was when an opponent was jamming away at his goaltender after the whistle, pushed him over behind the net and kept pushing him down until the ref came over. Tonight he was forechecking and ran over a defender, knocking him on his back. Another time, Gaunce had the puck going up ice, had a opponent draped over him and just shrugged him off and continued along his way. If this is how he plays on a regular basis, there's reason to be happy. Was very deserving of the 1st stars for both nights. The knock on Gaunce at the draft was his skating ability. I don't see it as a problem at this level, but i didn't think Archibald's skating was an issue in the OHL either, but it gave him issues in his first pro year. Gaunce will have to improve his acceleration over the next few off-seasons for a smoother transition to the pro level, everything else in his game is there.
  13. It's funny you say that. Because I am 99% sure that is not Tommernes. Firstly, the number is incorrect as he is #7 and this shows a one plus another number. And it doesn't look like his face at all and this player is shorter than Tommernes based on this photo. I think this is an old photo that was linked in a news article that mentioned 3 other players.
  14. I am listening... does sound like he is playing a lot, especially for a freshman. What kind of playing style would you say he has? Perhaps a comparable?
  15. Ran into a few conversion problems with youtube tonight and there are like flickers of large pixels! WTF, lol. But i am so fed up, i don't want to deal with it. Enjoy.
  16. This is false. 215lbs is the figure thats incorrect. At the combine, where they do official height and weight measurements of every attending prospect, he weighed in at 207lbs. That's why some blogs update it to match the most up to date measurements rather than the inflated ones on the website. His height is 6'1.75, officially.
  17. DJ Kreuzberg

    Adam Polasek | D

    Maybe a forgotten about prospect, but I liked what i saw this year from Polasek. For a first year pro, he showed some promise here. I like his size and physical play. There were few D on the Wolves who liked to hit and punish opponents, but Polasek was one of them. He uses his size to box out the front of the net well, along the boards he always used his size to his advantage and was the main reason why he was so effective along the boards. He was +8 to finish the year and its a good reflection on his defensive game. But its not without some flaws in his decision making, which is a bit inconsistent at times. I think he is a bit under-rated in his offensive skills, he can skate the puck well and moves the puck well, although probably lacks the vision we see with Tanev at times with his passes. And he has a heavy shot. Anyways, here's a video of his highlights this season. Enjoy.
  18. Schroeder and Rodin played together on the same line for 10 games by my count this season. I watched everyone of those games and they definitely did have chemistry during that time, probably the first good RW we saw with Schroeder at that point of the season. I thought they worked off each other very well, with their speed, it was a transition game with them and when they were able to move the puck, it was fast and that's what was effective about them. They also cycled very well, with Sweatt there as well. PP units do not generally move from the 1st and 2nd line combos. So whoever is on the 1st line is generally the 1st unit, but frequently, they will put Haydar out there in place of Rodin on the 1st unit. Rodin would then slide down to the 2nd unit. But its a toss up based on who MacT feels is going. Rodin is a RW and played RW throughout his Brynas days. But from what i've seen this season, he can play both wings fairly effectively.
  19. My mid-season highlights for Rodin:
  20. Something to note, SEL teams (well almost all Swedish leagues) are able to carry 7-8 defensemen every game and even if they do not play a minute in the game, they are considered "active" and will have a game played assigned to them. I've followed Andersson's TOI very closely during the year. At least 10 of those games, he was benched. At least 4 of those games, he saw around 5 min TOI. I'd link the SEL website to you guys, but they've wiped their 2010-2011 stats. Hope that explains some, but still not a good year by any means, IMO.
  21. I use CS4 Premiere Pro for the videos. Was pretty simple to use after watching a tutorial on vimeo.

  22. DJ Kreuzberg

    Adam Polasek | D

    Sorry, I had problems encoding the first video, thus why it looked a bit small. So I removed the old video and here is the new video. Although it doesn't look bigger in embedded here, its bigger on the youtube player and should be clearer. Bear with me, this Polasek video was my first ever. But i'm getting better. :D
  23. No, there have not been any pre-season games since the 10th, which is why there are probably no updates. And for those who care, Andersson's next game is on the 17th and since most of the prospects from the Q are in the tournament, there is almost no news from their fronts as well.
  24. That's because they are playing an Allsvenkan team, not only that, a 09/10 last place Allsvenkan team. They had to requalify to this league or be demoted. That is equivalent to an AHL team being demoted to the ECHL. They lost the deciding match but was let back in based on an opening, not by merit. Not exactly the best competition or particularly a challenge. And the coach had some terrible words to say about the level of competition they faced. He said it wasn't even fair and that he got absolutely nothing from the match, it was that poor. Today against Timrå should be a better match as they are an SEL team and Brynas is actually dressing a full roster, unlike the 16 they had yesterday.