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  1. Any predictions for the big game tomorrow?

  2. I can provide lots of love my friend ;)

  3. Big Bird! Where is the love?

  4. bahahaha. you make vancan uncomfortable- hilarious. must be too much bird for him. ;)

  5. ur creepin me out...u r a guy right

  6. I am Big Bird, Parksy's Corner Fan!

  7. NO, I am officially official, so stop asking cuz u wont get it

  8. I always wondered... how far can big bird fly?

    Or is he like a penguin?

  9. Omg that is like bullcrap man..You should take the trash and then throw it back at Oscars face. Tell him hes being a dick and too pick up his trash..Me nothing too much latley. Just busy with school.

  10. Big Bird! Where have you been latlely man!

  11. i love da gallus domesticus

  12. The king? u should learn when to bow down