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  1. I'm going to give Schmidt a pass on this season. He hasn't been able to really hang out with the guys this year, and I really think he's a "glue" guy. Always having fun with teammates, but this year has been a write-off for that stuff. You can't hang out, except at practice and games. Can't hang out on the road, it's been a weird year. I think Schmidt is the player that really needs to have that bonding time with the team. He's a talker, a prankster. He's a guy who lightens the mood of the team, but how can he do that stuff if he doesn't even really get to hang out with his teammates to
  2. Ya usually Schmidt/Edler have the assignment against the other teams top line. I have to admit though, Edler has looked like father time has gotten to him this year. Not shooting the puck as much, and the shot looks a lot weaker too. It's time to hang em up.
  3. Crazy stat of the game. Every Canuck player who took a faceoff was over 50% on the dot. Boyd 2-1 Horvat 18-6 MacEwen 1-0 Miller 6-5 Sutter 10-5
  4. The most defining play tonight for me was the backcheck by Horvat on the 5-3. He flew back to stop that play.
  5. Really? You were disappointed with both of them? They both had 2 Assists. And were integral in the goals. All assists were primary assists. How much more do you want from them? I can agree if you're talking about last game, but they did just fine tonight.
  6. Wow just noticed Boyd went 8-3 in the faceoff circle. 72.7% Not bad for a Jim Benning waiver wire pickup.
  7. Only winless against Vancouver is not true. Edmonton went 9-0 against them. Gotta take it 1 game at a time. Don't look too far ahead.
  8. Welcome to the latest installment of the biggest game of the year. GCG!!! PS. Trust in JB!! 5x5 for Demko is a great deal!
  9. Great deal!! I don't hear those complaints about not signing Marky around anymore. JB was totally correct in letting Marky walk. Have faith in JB!! Let's GO!!
  10. Just like all your proposals LoL!
  11. Let's see these stats on scoring chances and expected goals against please.
  12. Good road trip. 7 out of 8 points. Let's come home and keep it going!
  13. I agree, especially since we have a game on Monday with cross country travel.
  14. The problem with that analogy is good business = making money. Canucks = Making money. So what's right then?
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