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  1. Only surprise to me is that Seravelli beat Friedman in all the news today.
  2. So far, I'm liking my odds on my wager with dumb nuck. Everybody, when dumb nuck loses make sure to vote that he is banned from posting for a year!!
  3. Well, he didn't know what the team would look like before he signed. But he does get more take home money with the tax benefit that Seattle has.
  4. This could still happen. We won't know until later today.
  5. The 28th is when any team can. Seattle didn't have rights before that since we protected him.
  6. Question is ... do you do the same with whoever the Kraken take? If its Holtby, do you think the trade is Holtby + 3rd for Dickenson? I hope you don't do that.
  7. I would think they would make a run at Landeskog if they lose Price. Or make an offer to Makar, since apparently Weber is injured.
  8. No because every team other than VGK loses a player. Can't think of a trade that way.
  9. I'm hoping that Bob Mackenzies rankings are accurate enough, since he's #8 on the board. One of the earlier teams may take Wallstedt and then BAM Hughes is available at #9.
  10. Bet is still on. I don't think we can post polls on users though. Might have to do it in the general discussion page. Unless a mod allows it.
  11. No if you don't get the 75% needed to have you not post a year, there's no punishment. So we need something.
  12. Oh I think you forgot about the $50 dollars if you don't get less than the 75%. Need some punishment if you lose and get that 75%.
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