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  1. Anyone else think Mark Stone would be a perfect linemate for the Sedins?

    1. Niloc009


      Yeah. Drives hard to the net and has some grit. A natural RW too. Too bad Ottawa got him last year in the 6th round.

    2. Tenacious


      Not to mention some sweet hands and good finish.

    3. Niloc009


      Right exactly. Kid's a beaut. The Sens may have a steal on their hands there.

  2. Ran into Anthony Calvillo yesterday downtown :D

    1. Try Again

      Try Again

      and? where was he headed? did you taunt him? :P

  3. Freaknight 2011. Seattle. Tiesto. Dada Life. See ya guys there.

  4. Anyone ever gotten an aux port installed in their car?

    1. Armada


      Nope I was going to but then I found those cassete tapes with plug into your ipod. Here's a video on an installation though, it seems really easy. You can buy those kits for most cars

    2. Tenacious


      Yeah, I sued teh cassette tape method in my old car but my new car just has a CD player. I would do it myself but I've read about so many people that have done it but now they have lights/buttons/whatever that don't work anymore because they blew a fuse or screwed something up. I'd rather go to Future Shop and pay $100 than go through that hassle.

  5. Mike Richards - "Really starting to get annoyed by everyone keep saying to me that "it's just business" (Twitter)

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    2. The Wizard of AZ

      The Wizard of AZ

      At least he doesn't have to see Subban too often.

    3. Trebreh


      ^^ Now that he's in the West, Bieksa can beat up on him more often ;D

    4. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      Brown and Richards the smash brothers? Wouldn't want to be a d-man with those two coming at you on the same shift.

  6. Can't spell "Kesler" without SELKE!

    1. Sully2Cool


      Daniel Sedin should have won the Hart Trophy.

  7. Whitecaps get a big win and score another BEAUTY!

    1. SpinDrive


      Damn nice curl

  8. It would be more suiting if Vancouver sealed the deal while it rains tomorrow.

  9. Whitecaps leading 1-0 going into the 2nd half of the NCC FINALS. On SNET-1 and there are links in the Caps thread!

  10. WHAT A COMEBACK BY THE WHITECAPS!! Now get this baseball crap off my TV.

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Lmao ^ no doubt it is still winter up in this MA !

    2. turbanator


      that game was so intense! So incredible!!

    3. Tough As Salo

      Tough As Salo

      Brilliant comeback. Too bad our Nucks couldn't pull off the same thing. Oh well, there's Tuesday.

  11. is watching lacrosse. Awesome sport... I want the Ravens back :(

  12. Get used to the brutal officiating, the playoffs are almost here (and the conspiracy stuff goes without saying).

  13. Get used to the brutal officiating, the playoffs are almost here (and teh conspriacy stuff goes without saying).

  14. Let's try to keep all Whitecaps talk that doesn't belong in the GDT in here, please. If it's necessary I can update the first post with any notable news that may come up. WHITE -- CAPS! WHITE -- CAPS! WHITE -- CAPS!
  15. Everyone should be watching the Whitecaps right now!

    1. debluvscanucks
    2. debluvscanucks


      and I'm doing the wave...can you do that in soccer?

    3. Tenacious


      Anything goes in soccer... except sitting on your hands and being a useless fan.

  16. Lol thanks, didn't even notice :P

  17. White and purple, white and purple, white and purple, you know what it iiiiiis

    1. TheLawyer


      Mix any 2 colors, no matter what it will work with that beat

  18. I know why Canada lost in the 3rd period... they weren't hydrated.

    1. Coconuts


      My theory is that the entire Canadian squad was kidnapped after the second period and replaced by Russian spies in body suits.

    2. ChenWei91


      NE3D MO@R G@T0R@D3ZZZZZZ!1!

  19. 0 powerplays. Clearly a conspiracy.

    1. SpinDrive


      There is no other explanation.

    2. marinated.pea
  20. Haha, I appreiciate it man. I put lots of work into scavenging for music. ;)

  21. Full Tilt Poker w/ play money ftw!

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    2. Venom52


      I just started playing pokerstars because I have a big tourney in a week. It is really fun actually. Gonna go play right now.

    3. ReverendMayhem93


      I started 3-4 years ago; cleaning out 40-years old when I was in middle school ftw. Mats Sundin is on Pokerstars, FYI.

    4. debluvscanucks


      Tenacious....play the freerolls for real (pennies). Then use those to play in quarter/50/dollar rolls and eventually use their money to cash out with. :)

      I've done it and made a few bucks. Will never do play $ when there are free rolls. :)

  22. You make a good point... but I'd feel wrong parting with "Tenacious". It's my handle for just about everything. :(

  23. Anyone play TF2?

    1. The Wizard of AZ
    2. Tenacious


      Steam: tenacious_yvan

      add it up!

    3. The Wizard of AZ

      The Wizard of AZ


      I'm Sm4ck_Sm4sh btw.

  24. Sorry, just noticed this comment. You can feel free to use it now, I'm going to make it open for anyone to use to support Nazzy.