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  1. i've been talking about the media. You are the one who keeps getting fixated on trump. rent free
  2. according to the "experts" there was no risk
  3. the problem comes when you start picking and choosing what you want to believe. There will be click bait on the internet to tell you anything you want to hear. The digital media industry is dieing and they are desperate to get get clicks and nothing sells like over the top controversial option pieces carefully disguised as info tainment. nothing generates clicks faster right now then negative stories about trump, stories pushing fear and division. Fear and hysteria can be very beneficial if your goal is to remove rights and freedoms
  4. its fake news though because brietbart said it
  5. yes , best to ignore all info inside because it comes from the other side of the fence. That's how you have an informed position, always only look at one side of the coin, that way you can't get fooled by propaganda don't even read it, just start dismissing anything from sources "not approved" to the borg collective
  6. https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2020/04/09/cbs-news-caught-broadcasting-fake-hospital-footage-second-time/
  7. one possible suspected cause of... that's one hell of an uncorroborated outlier that may or may not be related to throw out all the actual research that has already been done world wide. Showing tangible results without side effects of insanity are whats going on in the current testing in Korea and Italy for example
  8. depending on where you source your news you might as well be on another planet from most people. Takes a rare few to see the big picture conformation bias echo chambers make things worse
  9. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/apr/2/hydroxychloroquine-rated-most-effective-therapy-do/
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