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  1. The name of the song I used is love it when they hate I-ROCK-E ft. Pretty boy and heres the link to it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6U7P1_xszdg And thank u for the feedback! Remember you can request a song or player to make a tribute to!
  2. Uploaded by request. Thanks for watching. Please leave helpful comments and anything that you would like to see better. Msg me at anytime on here or on twitter: @canuckconnected and I'll be happy to make a video to any player or song. Thanks Again
  3. Srry I couldnt reply faster, but i am 100% interested. I've messaged you since.


  4. Roberto Luongo Tribute Video (HD) Just a question, anyone know how to get rid of the black bars around the video. Feedback would be appreciated
  5. thanks for letting me kno, i'll make sure it doesn't happen on the next videos. Thanks again
  6. Definitly good enough to make the home page. Loved it. Thanks for posting it :D
  7. Just made this package. Do you like it? How could I improve? Please share this with people you know if you like it Thanks!
  8. Will do, thankd again fir being helpful. I appreciate it :)

  9. Yeah that section of the forum is sometimes quiet but it'll get busy now that everyone is making playoff pump up videos!

    You can post it in the YouTube thread in Off Topic as well if you want :)

  10. Thanks, i really appreciate it. No one ever looks at it though LOL -.-

  11. I like it, nice job!

    And I see that you posted it in the media section. That's good, I'm sure everyone will enjoy it.

  12. can you watch this and spread it around if you like it? I'm sure it'd get to alot more pple like that

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