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  1. Hi there How's it going.:)

  2. hey, I think I ave you on MSN, but I have only seen you on there once. whats the deal?

  3. Ya I'm still around. Not online though because I have real-life things to do now. What's up?

  4. sarah. you alive? this is kevin!

  5. I am not going back to Powerdrill. I can get my Chester, greer, Modo, and you somewhere else. Or am I the same as them now? Am I tainted Sarah?

  6. You had me on your friends list, but I didn't have you on my friends list. That's kind of like e-rejection. Ouch.

  7. people may start to think things...

  8. and now I'm filling up you whole wall.

  9. how awkward. now I have no reason to be here.

  10. wait, what. I'm already friends with you.

  11. hello. special friends?

  12. im in your profiles writing on your boards.

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