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  1. Unfortunatly, Boston and Chicago are interchangable.
  2. Is timid and eats prunes Mondays to Fridays.
  3. Feels that others are out to persecute him. Yet, is willing to passively accept this and even use humour as a defense.
  4. You're not going to ask about your potential?
  5. No offence taken Smirnoffice Internal thoughts: I`ll get you back you SOB
  6. There`s a big difference between calling someone adorable and asking them to pet your puppy.
  7. Interesting, you look a little like your avatar
  8. So adorable! Exactly how I would have pictured littlemissorangepenguin!
  9. Banned for having multiple happy faces in your sig when feel so irritable
  10. Banned for joining on April 30, 2010 ...instead of April 29, 2010
  11. Banned for taking username literally.
  12. Banned for exhibiting violence in your avatar
  13. Banned for not noting the number of posts to date.
  14. "IMOP he's an embarrassment to the team": Clutch That goal was embarrassing.
  15. I very much appreciate the way your bouquet of flowers compliments your dress. Mr. Danger?
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