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  1. As a Canucks fan, I'm not huge on Linden....

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    2. -DLC-


      You guys obviously didn't watch back then.

    3. Dazzle


      Linden's numbers were also above average for his time.

      Sure he had digressed faster than other players (i.e. Modano), his heart was always a Canuck.

    4. Markus Alexander Cody

      Markus Alexander Cody

      I was only a year old when Linden was in his prime in 93 so I wouldn't have been able to watch...

  2. Yes!!! My credit cards arrived!! Time to spend all that fake money!!

    1. nuckin_futz


      Bless people like this. Engines of the economy.

  3. So Edmonton scores on their PP, but it's overturned because of goalie interference.. LOL.. Oilers got screwed by the refs

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    2. Zoolander


      god damnit, now both teams get a point...

    3. allkill326


      Refs vs. Oilers. Da-da-dan.

    4. Mr.DirtyDangles


      seriously Oilers take over Leafs for being screwed at home

  4. Was browsing around the Sabres forum so I could 'borrow" a Hodgson sig but turns out, NONE OF THEM ARE CREATIVE.. JUST LIKE THEIR CITY

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    2. WolfxHaley
    3. Heretic


      Why would any Canucks fan want a Hodgson sig?

    4. Markus Alexander Cody

      Markus Alexander Cody

      Sorry, but I've been a Hodgson fan since his Brampton days

  5. Anyone playing Be a Pro on NHL 13 in the WHL and have this problem that whenever you take a penalty, you stay in the box for the rest of the game?

    1. Jägermeister


      I have it happen every 10 games or so, doesn't matter what league I'm in though.

  6. I'm getting a Volpatti jersey with the 50% deal!!!!

    1. Xbox


      That is pretty stupid.....

    2. Markus Alexander Cody

      Markus Alexander Cody

      Obviously I was joking

  7. Did anyone else get an email from Canucks where at the very top in tiny grey letters, it said that we can meet Aaron Rome at Rogers Arena?? I'm not sure if its true or not or if its just a typo...

    1. GoaltenderInterference
    2. Markus Alexander Cody

      Markus Alexander Cody

      It's the email where they were offering Pavel Bure memorabilia for sale..

    3. Edler0023


      thought i was the only one lol

  8. Rewatching Round One Game 7 of the Chicago series.. I've forgotten how intense hockey was before Burrows scored to make it 1-0.

    1. goalie13


      It's probably going to make tonight's game seem boring in comparison.

  9. RIP Steve Jobs :( Thank you for inventing the MacBook Pro that I am currently using today and changing the face of technology forever.

  10. lol don't worry.. I bombed my last math quiz as well.. Got 2/10 cuz I didn't get a single question :(

  11. just cuz you got 100% doesn't mean you're a nerd...

  12. Not bad actually.. Quite decent.

  13. yeah something like that... It's not too bad I mean it's pretty simple so far...

  14. lol no... Geography is not like that at all... I thought it was like that as well but it's a whole different type of Geography.. Like the physical Geography such as rocks and weather and all that...

  15. lol have fun.. First units should be easy.. once you get past them into like Unit D and probably E, it gets really tough... And yeah, essays should be the main course of History 12. If you can't write em, don't join... Geography should be fun though and I'm taking it right nowl.


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    2. winter



    3. rampage


      you shoudlve waited 2 more hrs to post this status

    4. Markus Alexander Cody
  17. Starts from the Russian Revolution or WW1 or maybe a couple years after the 20th century starts until the end of the Cold War? If you're wanting to go into History 12, you better be prepared to write essays because the teachers could care less if you can spew out dates and names.. They want to know if you ACTUALLY know the information and provide an argument in essays and not by just memorization.

  18. lol... and nothing that new... Actually enjoying History :) Although the homework is a little tough, that's life... And that's what I expected it to be.

  19. lol no.. But if you listen to it, you don't even hear his voice :) Well, his song is slowed down so it sounds like a song that oculd be played in church but still....

  20. lol well there's this 30 minute Justin Bieber U Smile slowed version lol....

  21. oh... kinda weird but sure lol.... Might as well choose an hour long song haha

  22. What? You didn't describe it good enough llo.. I'm lost..


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