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  1. Gordon Lightfoot, Burton Cummings/Randy Bachman, Geddy Lee/Alex Lifeson, Jeff Beck
  2. This guy needs to check out some jazz guitarists like Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, Django Reinheart or George Benson, classical guitarists like John Williams, Julian Bream or Christopher Parkening or country virtuosos like Roy Clarke or Chet Atkins. I've never played drums but I can appreciate the difficulty and I have mainly been trying to post songs where drums are prominent and maybe show some drummers many may not be familiar with like Don Powel from Slade or Gil Moore from Triumph (drumming while also doing lead vocals is possibly the most difficult feat in music)
  3. Virtuoso - Joe Pass Travelling Wilburys vol 1 Mystic Man - Peter Tosh Let it Be - The Beatles Slowhand - Eric Clapton Why I sing the Blues - B.B. King Up to Here - Tragically Hip Village Green Preservation Society - Kinks Exodus - Bob Marley Decembers Children - Rolling Stones