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  1. :|

    what does that even mean ?

  2. :o supernatural is awesome ! watch this clip of the main character


    I've never seen anything hotter then that ♥

  3. :o


    look closely ! it's not ! :(

    are you calling my hair ugly ? :o

  4. :o

    I dont even wear any makeup so you must not like me :o

  5. :o

    i hate it when the wind blows my hair in the car because then i have to fix it before i get out again !

  6. :o

    interesting :)

    other sports ? everything other than basketball :) im not saying that i'm obsessed with EVERY single sport ! i just keep tabs on everything so i'm in the loop on all the news ! listening to espn every night helps also :)

  7. :o

    not for my profile !

  8. :o

    she's a creep, like me :)

  9. :o

    shots ? i watched 28 days later last night :o the disease is going to spread !

  10. :o

    sleepyhead !

    I'm working on some writing, that's why :)

    A new name ? i♥I♥wellwood ?

  11. :o

    so do you then !

  12. :o

    that isnt always a good thing !

    i find it funny how every girl that is shown posting on your profile are all brown :o

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