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  1. Where did the "Post Your Face" thread go? Cant find it :(

  2. I never realized it was against CDC rules to makes comments about whether a player is good looking or not..

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    2. Bertuzzi Babe

      Bertuzzi Babe

      Well, Bure who? Maybe some of us members here just had a little more couth than others.

      I♥Wellwood - I've seen it enforced well before the last 18 months. :)

    3. I♥Wellwood


      Raffi Torres ? What ? I have no idea what you're referring to... =|

      I'll trust you on that BB ! You've been around CDC much longer than I have. It was just a shock to me considering the old Sean Avery thread lol



      Why do you think there are so few females on CDC? They come here, realize they aren't allowed to talk about the subject that takes up 80% of their vocabulary, so they leave

  3. i dont know, i just do that a lot :)

  4. i know what you were going to say 8-) 8-)

    no ! :) i like making that emotion only :)

  5. I forgot to sign in as invisible :)

  6. Although it was unnecessary, a thousand thank you's your way for defending my point :)

  7. nothing !

    Am I hated so much that I cant even look ? :(

  8. Bring ice with you ! So you can, you know, freeze hell over :)

    And dont worry about it, we're all gonna come down there anyway, it'll all be one big party :)

  9. Just thought I'd let you know that I almost always feel a need to plus your posts.. or at least the ones I see. You're definitely one of the best posters here!

  10. Why cant i make a joke out of anything you say !

  11. :o

    that isnt always a good thing !

    i find it funny how every girl that is shown posting on your profile are all brown :o

  12. becaaaaaaaause !

    i was hurt so :)

  13. Banged up my knee, hit it against the sharp corner of the closet when i was taking out the garbage :o

    yay !

  14. no ! stop it !

    im used to calling myself odd or weird :)

  15. It's an amazing show, you have to watch it !

  16. why do you hate me so much !

  17. what have i done to make you hate me so ?

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