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  1. When you are working full time, you have no time to appreciate nature. Snow might look nice on Christmas day but any other day which includes work days I would consider it an annoyance more than anything. Putting on snow tires/chains and trying to avoid crappy Vancouver drivers with no snow tires is not fun.

    Again, not true for everyone! Some people who are in the exact same situation choose to have a more positive outlook.

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  2. Thank god the temperatures aren't quite cold enough for it to stick around very long. Only people in Vancouver who like snow are skiers, students and people with no jobs. I'd rather get to work on time and not be stuck in snow.

    Not true. There are people out there who appreciate nature and have a more optimistic viewpoint.

  3. but if they have honor....not for all to see...?

    Exactly! As long as they dont know me personally, I dont care if they see what I look like.

    But you EB2, have had the pleasure of staring at my face every day for 5 consecutive years... you should be tired of it by now :lol:

  4. well, the tatts you can see.....> left chest, my cousin Dana was gunned down in Kelowna during a "not so savoury" deal

    The left chest is his mother Donna.. She took her last breath not long after. On my birthday (03-26) in front of me. We believe to this day she died of a broken heart.

    The right shoulder "Pink Floyd the Wall" my tribute to who I believe is thew most influential band in history...at least to me....

    Myself and a few others went across Canada in a motorhome and we decided we would bring nothing but Pink Floyd albums for the trip. I thought it was a decent homage.

    I have many more tattoos that you cant see.

    Oh wow. Thanks for sharing :)

    I wish I had as much dedication as you do when it comes to staying fit. I just try to rely on my metabolism :P

    16nucks, are you drunk yet or has it worn off

  5. But you are!!! She's basically my little sister, so you interwebz dudes need to go through me to get to her first :) Good luck...

    You already know that I dont swing that way anymore! irl only ^_^

    question!! i lost my bottle opener, any tricks on how to open it?

    I already told you how :mad: Also, why am I the only one not getting drunk tonight?!

    Will somebody post some pictures please?

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