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  1. No, I meant sending you a PM right now instead of a comment.. do they still call it PM ?

  2. none

    i dont want one :)

    why werent you at sunday school !

  3. Nope :) I dont like that guy, the main actor ? But go and watch it ! Should be fun :)

  4. Nope, I go for the sweet silly boy :)

  5. Nope, never ever had a FULL face shot. Ever :)

  6. nope, you can have all of it silly :)

    i hate curry :)

  7. nope. A year younger !

  8. nothing !

    Am I hated so much that I cant even look ? :(

  9. nothing will happen meaning nothing between the two of you ?

  10. of course ! the canucks are my religion :)

    yup yup, try taking a shower ! maybe you're just contaminated, not fully infected yet !

  11. Oh ! Dye it red !

  12. oh ! i started it, i looked at your profile and gave you a compliment indirectly... a bit more indirect than i should have been i guess, but anyway i'm no longer confused.

  13. oh em gee !

    whataya want from me :o adam lambert ! :)

  14. oh wait, the last 3 out of 4, I dont know about rk :)

  15. oh wow, how come i always though that you were a girl ? i feel so bad now !

  16. omg yes !

    kidding ! i wasnt born in america, i was born in burnaby :)

  17. omgosh, i just noticed something so i had to leave 2 comments ! You put a space between the last word and the question mark !

    yay ! you're infected by the disease ! you need to be quarantined :) thankfully we're on cdc anyway, no need to go all the way down to atlanta for the real cdc :o

  18. Or I could help you out !

  19. part 2

    Even if it's lacrosse !

    I'm a sucker for Steve Nash though ! Even though I dont like basketball :)

  20. playstation is the only heart in your life :)

  21. Pretty great, just finished up exams so it's good :)

  22. ps. you're saying that to an english nerd !

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