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Status Updates posted by I♥Wellwood

  1. put on some pants meanie

  2. really ?!

    well that's probably easier :)

  3. really :o

    i just dont want to be recognized !

  4. rep: -4

    haha, holy moly !

  5. Sadly, a school in surrey :( Not for long though, I should be moving soon :)

    Oh definitely, I'm a major nerd at heart, I just dont show it on the outside :)

  6. same old, same old :)

    i like your correction :)

  7. same thing !

    fine, we're friends ! but brothers are closer ! oh well !

  8. Scream ? More like moan !

    My sweater, it says ubc on it :)

  9. shady ? no ! it was with my permission :)

    cdc break ?! why ? :(

  10. shouldnt i be asking you that ? :o

  11. show me your face

  12. so much effort !

    i wake up

    1) wash it

    2) bend my head and shake my hair dry

    3) run my hands through it to dry it

    4) straighten for 10 mins

    5) out the door


  13. so what happened to that thread you made about me ?

  14. Sorry but I found it so funny that you're username is after schneider and you're a manitoba moose star... and he finally got placed in manitoba... sorry, i giggled at that for a long time and i had to say it :)

  15. Sorry, I admit it, I creeped :(

  16. sorry, i just have to do this

    I wish that still fitted me. :(



    sorry :(

  17. sorry, i tried to make sense of what you meant... no luck :)

  18. Still in high school currently but ubc is definitely on the list for my future school. Either that or sfu. I'd love to go to ubc but their entry for english is pretty low/average and I'd like it to be higher because my mark is high :)

  19. stop being lazy, what if he retires next year or leaves the team :o then you'll never see him !

  20. switch your plans to willowbrook ? i need to go there :)

  21. Thank you anyway ! That's why I felt for you and bumped you up, being at -10 was so unfair !

  22. thanks for creeping my page and not leaving a comment !

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