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  1. thanks for the stalk :)

  2. That sucks. Oh well, at least you're enjoying it :)

  3. that was a very good lie coraline :) saved the tears from falling !

  4. That you only creeped because you missed my presence on cdc :)

  5. that's not entertaining ! that's saddening ! why the wellwood jokes :(

  6. then why are you calling me out :( calling me racist :(

  7. there's a white version there too ! Because you're a super white boy :o

  8. this is so much fun :)

    im positive that you'll never be able to guess my last name, it's pretty unique around here :)

  9. um, it's still in your comments, you could just read it :)

  10. umm I watched hsm 3 a week or two ago. Never watched that other movie... It has the jonas brothers in it right ? They suck :)

  11. under a lot of stress coraline ? :o

  12. weird !

    I havent shown my picture to anyone on this site really. Other than one person ! But that one person showed it to two or 3 people I think so I guess 4 people have seen my face :)

  13. well that is gross :)

  14. whaaaaaat ?!

    you said you were whiter than white !

  15. what ! no ! definitely not ! i just dont expand my knowledge onto cdc but if you talk to me about hockey, you'll be able to tell because i'm not just a canucks fan, im a hockey fan. well more like sports fan overall :)

  16. what ! no !

    why ? :(

  17. what ? :)

    gonna creep my page and say nothing ? :)

  18. what does that mean !

  19. what have i done to make you hate me so ?

  20. what other options are there !

  21. whatever you say white boy :)

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