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  1. stop being lazy, what if he retires next year or leaves the team :o then you'll never see him !

  2. you could walk the streets of yaletown, see if you bump into him. or wait for him outside gm place.

  3. yeah an autograph without seeing the guy isnt as special. hey, at least i attempted to make your christmas special :)

  4. yup. from 06-07. I have 2 :) i could make your christmas perfect :o

  5. Its okay, for christmas, i'll mail you his autograph :)

  6. have you ever met the guy ? he's unbelievably huge :|

  7. i was kidding. i've seen the picture before, there's one of him running on a beach somewhere too ! i thought you were a girl at first... you know, with all the love for ohlund :)

  8. nice ohlund picture. a bit stalkerish though...

  9. I went to disneyland near christmas time but i missed the parade :( it sorta sucked and i didnt even catch a ducks or kings game ! I plan to do that next year though :)

  10. i like your gallery :)

  11. california :o with all those fires ? lol those arent in the anaheim area any way so it doesnt matter :) Disney land is fuun !

  12. nope. A year younger !

  13. yeah its gonna come out on dvd. I dont know when but it said in the email from the canucks insider that it would be released.

  14. eww miley cyrus. She's a future skank !

  15. umm I watched hsm 3 a week or two ago. Never watched that other movie... It has the jonas brothers in it right ? They suck :)

  16. Who doesn't watch that channel ? I know like 20 year olds who watch it from time to time.

  17. :o supernatural is awesome ! watch this clip of the main character


    I've never seen anything hotter then that ♥

  18. i dont love him like THAT ! He's not hot, i love him like every sports fan loves an athlete. Im not physically attracted to him :)

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