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  1. you could walk the streets of yaletown, see if you bump into him. or wait for him outside gm place.

  2. you creeped first. you must have missed me

  3. you definitely do come from hell :)

    kidding !

  4. you deserve to be appreciated :)

  5. you know, when i saw your status, i misread it as sunday school :o

  6. you look like kristen stewart :)

  7. you looked really close powerice :o

    yeah, ours is around every window and door and for the floor boards (is that what it's called ?) also :)

    yeah right ! you just dont want me to cry !

  8. you make zero sense !

    when do i not make sense ?!

  9. you my friend, are evil :)

    your ploys arent gonna be successful ! you've tried with oh so many different ways :)

  10. you said you wanted to punch me in the face ! how mean is that !

  11. you should have him killing a hooker... he did it :|

  12. you stole my heaaaaart ! :(

    but it's okay i guess :(

  13. you're on a role :o

    good job :)

  14. you're quite popular :o

    excuse me mr. local american (my semi oxymoron !), you should be entertaining me !

  15. You're right, I always can :)

    okay, enjoy taking your dog out to do his business ! Yeah, I creeped :$ Sorry !

    Night !

  16. you're very welcome :)

  17. You're very welcome :)

    But what could I be helping wootkesler with anyway ? I like helping :)

  18. you've gotta have perseverance and be a canuck ! :)

  19. yup. from 06-07. I have 2 :) i could make your christmas perfect :o

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