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  1. :o

    that's good ! and i have no clue :)

    dont get drunk then ! it's almost 6:40, go already !

  2. :o

    the anger or the noises ? :o

  3. :o

    The last 3 guys that have left comments on my profile have long hair, is this a cdc thing ? :o

  4. :o

    what kind of saturday school is this !

  5. :(

    you guys are gonna make me cry :(

  6. ~luongo~ What ever happened to Sabrina the Teenage Witch ?!!?!!?!?!!?!?

    I used to watch that all the time !

    sorry, had to say it :)

  7. a good thing !

    she looks like a crack addict, you're like an improved cleaner version of her :) Pretty :)

  8. actually, i love giving massages :o

    i've been doing it since i was like 6 :)

  9. actually, i should delete like half the people on that list, they just added me out of nowhere ! im not very e popular :)

  10. Although it was unnecessary, a thousand thank you's your way for defending my point :)

  11. And how do I do that ? :)

  12. And perseverance :)

  13. another person with hearts in their name. Grrr !

  14. apology accepted :)

  15. are you trying to give me more reason to ? :)

    maybe tomorrow, i'm too tired right now :)

  16. ask that girl you like if you should cut it ! then it'll be like you're doing it for her ! :)

    okay ! have fun !

  17. Assistant to Regional Manager


    i hope that's an office reference because that show's awesome :)

  18. aw come on cf ! it wasnt that bad !

    okay, maybe the push up bra one, but not the panties !

  19. Aw, I'm sorry :)

    Dont cry :o Kiddin !

  20. Aw, thank you coraline ! Your hair is long also isnt it ? :o

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