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  1. Banged up my knee, hit it against the sharp corner of the closet when i was taking out the garbage :o

    yay !

  2. becaaaaaaaause !

    i was hurt so :)

  3. because i dont want all of cdc to know me ! or recognize me !

    sorry for being a stalker !

  4. because im full of hate towards you !

  5. because of the girls !

  6. beyond perfect, pick me up at 8 ?

  7. Blair Witch scared you :o

    Baby !

  8. Boxxy, or Boxxybabee, is yet another in a long line of chanwhores

    What initially appeared as a normal, attractive, emo, jailbait Gaiafag soon transformed into a psychotic ADD-riddled spastic which is the dream girl of most chantards (but only because most of them have the same personality.)

    what ? :(

  9. Bring ice with you ! So you can, you know, freeze hell over :)

    And dont worry about it, we're all gonna come down there anyway, it'll all be one big party :)

  10. but how did you get on my friends list :o

    haha, no of course i do :)

  11. but I almost ate an entire bag of potato chips !

    well quarter of a bag but still ! that's quite an accomplishment for a girl of my size ! :)

  12. california :o with all those fires ? lol those arent in the anaheim area any way so it doesnt matter :) Disney land is fuun !

  13. count to ten and breathe deeply incredible hulk ! no need to pull another Playfair :o

  14. dont hate on my love for redheads !

    (red headed girls only !)

  15. Every 3rd day or every 2nd. When I straighten my hair, it lasts until i wash it again :)


    that's terrible ! possible concussion :o

  16. Everytime I see that Bieksa picture I made, I laugh ! Sometimes I come just to look at it :$

  17. ew ! don't wink ! I have issues against winks :)

  18. eww miley cyrus. She's a future skank !

  19. go





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