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  1. I know what you meant !

    It was okay :)

    No one ! I usually have it as that :) I hate seeing my name on the bottom of a thread !

  2. :o

    shots ? i watched 28 days later last night :o the disease is going to spread !

  3. of course ! the canucks are my religion :)

    yup yup, try taking a shower ! maybe you're just contaminated, not fully infected yet !

  4. omgosh, i just noticed something so i had to leave 2 comments ! You put a space between the last word and the question mark !

    yay ! you're infected by the disease ! you need to be quarantined :) thankfully we're on cdc anyway, no need to go all the way down to atlanta for the real cdc :o

  5. none

    i dont want one :)

    why werent you at sunday school !

  6. I do ! Just not one that I follow consistently. Well actually, I dont really follow it all all :o

  7. Bring ice with you ! So you can, you know, freeze hell over :)

    And dont worry about it, we're all gonna come down there anyway, it'll all be one big party :)

  8. haha change my religion just so I can go to sunday school ? :o

    it's like a disclaimer, dont sue me for anything you may catch !

  9. you definitely do come from hell :)

    kidding !

  10. haha im not christian or catholic !

    i put up the warning btw :)

  11. i've been to church :o

  12. I've always wanted to go to sunday school :(

  13. haha what kind of a metaphor is that !

  14. really ?!

    well that's probably easier :)

  15. you said you wanted to punch me in the face ! how mean is that !

  16. you know, when i saw your status, i misread it as sunday school :o

  17. put on some pants meanie

  18. :o

    what kind of saturday school is this !

  19. because of the girls !

  20. it's what i do ! :)

  21. hope you had fun !

  22. have fun at school tomorrow ! while i sleep comfortably in my bed, just like how everyone else will be doing. because that's what you do on saturdays :)

  23. :o

    she's a creep, like me :)

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