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  1. have fun at school tomorrow ! while i sleep comfortably in my bed, just like how everyone else will be doing. because that's what you do on saturdays :)

  2. have you ever met the guy ? he's unbelievably huge :|

  3. he's busy saturday night :)

    kidding, i dont even know :(

  4. he's getting chubbier ! you can tell by his face !

  5. hello, hey jo, you wanna give it a go ?

  6. hey ! :angry:

    do i sound like im an immigrant ! i was born in burnaby :)

  7. hey ! how are you in my friends list ?! I didnt even add you !

  8. hey ! redheaded girls are attractive :o


  10. hey, i have a question, who's the guy in your sig ?

  11. Hey, I'm not the one that wanted the white shirt ! Why cant you just accept the grey and red one ?

  12. hi :)

    lets be friends :)

  13. hi:)

    the guy in the picture on your profile, far left looks a TINY bit like ryan gosling. just a bit

    had to point that out !

    okay bye !

  14. Hm, havent been to that many ! Washington (of course), California (tons of times), Nevada (Vegaaaas !). Supposed to head down to Buffalo this summer but I'm gonna stay home instead :)

    Ugh, Eagles. 2 words. Over. Rated. :)

    No ! Nash is so not a loser !

  15. hm, sports wise ? I like everything except soccer and especially basketball ! I even like lacrosse, mma, whatever you can name

    Aside from that, I love writing, talking, reading, and running :)

  16. hope you had fun !

  17. How come I can't send you a message here ?

  18. How long did it get anyway, i have no clue what happened. I fell asleep.

  19. how'd !

    why do i make so many errors on all of your comments :(

  20. i am crazy ! what's it to you !

    kidding :)

    i dont like looking at him ! is that mean ? :(

  21. i believe that i'm far too superior to talk to you...

    kidding ! no, i was just helping powerice out with his terrible rep :)

  22. I can see right through that !

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