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  1. Looking forward to this. I don't listen much to Spittin Chiclets. But I'd love to hear EP outside of the constraints of the PC, Bettman looking over their shoulder, type of "interview" we get on network TV. Probably get more of his personality.
  2. I didn't even know if he could play. And with that JB lets slip the last useful player, we could have re-signed at a reasonable cap hit. Added to Toffoli, and Stecher. But we keep overpaid declining player cap hits Sutter, Rousell, Beagle, Erikkson. Now all we need is two top six forwards, and a 5th defenceman at a good price ..........oh wait.
  3. I love the idea of a Canadian division going forward, outside of COVID. I guess we need one more team to round it out to eight. Hey, if Ontario and Alberta, (and once Quebec) can support two teams, surely BC can. A team in Victoria, or the Okanagan? Travel could be managed by longer, and fewer trips across country. Canadians would at least be guaranteed a team in the final four every year. And it would be fun to create a stronger rivalry with other Canadian teams.
  4. Besides the reference to Ferland, this statement could easily be an archived copy of a post from every off season since Jake has been here. I'm not saying I have the answer, Jake is an enigma. But you know what they call doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I just don't have much faith anymore that Jake will suddenly see the light. "Oh...I get now.....they want me to play smarter and hustle more. Why didn't they say so?" Yes, Jake could be a third line winger, based on his hockey IQ. That's not a bad thing. But if he doesn't have the natural IQ, which cannot be taught at this point, he has to have the hustle. Motte was another player that lit it up in junior, and probably will never see top 6 duty, but dang it, he's a millionaire, in his 20's, and playing a sport he loves for a living. Could be worse. Terrible managing to let slip away Toffoli. Now its back to choosing LE or Jake to round out our top 6 on any given night, whomever is screwing the pooch less at the moment. Hopefully Leivo and/or Ferland comes back.
  5. May get flamed, but IMO, Stecher was more valuable to the team, at half the price, than Virtanen. I wish they would have spent even half the time they are spending on Jake's contract as they did with Troy.
  6. Yeah, I know. I know. Its just particularly difficult with Troy for me. Local guy that gave his all every shift in the mode of Burrows. Troy, (and Toffoli) didn't expect minute by minute details, but if both felt ostracized, where there's smoke....? A good GM must be able to manage people, as well as money. JB didn't have a few minutes a day to keep in contact? When Troy's camp came back with Detroits offer, why not match right then? We heard numbers like 3 - 3.5 for Stecher going into the off season. Even if he managed to sign Marky, which I guess he spent every hour of the day on, matching that 1.7 for a #5/6 who can move up if needed, plus the added benefit a player wanting to play here, already knows the system etc, seems to me a no brainer. But yes, I'll get over it. I'll try and curtail my complaining because it doesn't change anything. Love the Schmidt signing. Looking forward to seeing who else he can sign. Good luck to Troy in Detroit! . .
  7. Quinn with unbelievable stats there! On the flip side Edler.......yikes! Stecher similar to Shattenkirk's. Could have just matched Detroit's offer and not dissed him like that. Where else is Jimbo going to find what he brings for a #5 or #6 D for that contract? Makes no sense. In fact, could have still got Schmidt, and had Stecher and Toftoli for under $6 mill per season for both. And checked those boxes already. Both said management wasn't even talking to them. Just bizarre.
  8. Thanks for the link. I'm not going to go on about Stecher in Schimdt's thread, only to add that I think that narrative only indicates that management misjudged both Stecher and Toffoli. Because it happened to both of them. Both felt "spurned". I never got the impression Troy had any kind of attitude problem. So if two of them felt that way, then it's probably on the GM. Why not match Detroit right then? Does JB really think he can get a better, more loyal, #6 defenseman for 1.7? Baffling.
  9. Nate really comes through as a great addition in that zoom interview. They need more character guys like that. He'll get along great with the young core. Not to mention his smooth play on the ice. Still wish we would still have kept Stecher as a cheap 6th. But this goes a long way in replacing Tanev's minutes.
  10. What an awesome silver lining to COVID. No other time could we watch a Canadian only competition. People are going to add points and declare a winner in the new "Canada Cup" whether its official or not. Still sick to my stomach over having to watch Marky play for the enemy.
  11. I can understand the caution in what message it sends to potential FAs. But enough is enough! So let him come to training camp and compete for a job. If he doesn't impress as a high priced talent he is, then send him down. But he'll probably earn one, as a rested, motivated LE is capable still of turning it on when he has to, using all his experience as a vet to show the coach the minimum he wants to see to get a spot on the team. But as soon as he falls back into his lazy, shy, dispirited play, then send him down.......never to return. Make it directly about his on-ice performance at that time. Damn shame Toffoli is gone though. It will be maddening if JB can't replace him, and thus be pressured into using LE as a stop gap once again.
  12. I agree for the most part. His first test was when he came in. To honestly analyze the team as it was, and make hard choices sooner rather than later. Stand up to the owner if that is necessary. He failed that first test. His first years he kept this team floating near the bottom of the league, in spite of dropping picks and prospects for FA and trades in a long shot hope to get into and catch fire in the playoffs. And for gawd's sake don't use the "R" word ever!!! To placate Aquilini? who knows? He has been good in the draft, notably stealing Hughes and Petey. Miller has been a gawd send, even if it cost us a #1 in an already sparse cupboard. Getting Schmidt was good. But losing Toffoli and Stecher for doable contracts was puzzling. How much of that was his management style and JB's assumptions that Tofu and Stech would just sit around waiting while he spent all his time on Markstrom, which failed too in the end? But we'll see. I cannot be pessimistic, despite acknowledging JBs past mistakes which some here just don't allow themselves to go there for some reason, I have high hopes. Mostly because our young core is stellar, Bo, Boeser, Petey, Hughes, Demko. As well Myers and his size is a good addition, despite the price tag. And signing Motte was a good move. You can't win with just the core, as Edmonton knows, But filling out the other pieces is less difficult in building a winner. "Benning will earn his final grade will be how he handles the coming extensions for our core", This is the key. And more important than losing Stecher and Toffoli, Madden and more picks today, despite how much I and others may rant about it. Benning could still pull a few rabbits out his helmet. I don't mind him being patient now. Its smart to wait until other teams get more desperate to make a deal.
  13. I said he was a great addition and it was a decent trade. Sorry I didn't use your word "excellent". Potato / Potato. Red Herring to my point. That we had to use a #1 pick, even though we at that point had already used up, and not replaced, even the bare minimum of draft picks allotted to each team over JBs tenure, let alone found ways to acquire more. For a rebuilding team that is unheard of. And that was a direct result of throwing them away for too many overpaid, past-their-best-before date "foundational" vets who were supposed to make us into an instant playoff team when they arrived. Over-paid and over-valued so as to be untradeable assets. And that sacrifice was part of a cumulative "butterfly effect" built off of other mistakes. If we had a surplus of picks instead, it wouldn't hurt so much to gamble with a few of them. Speaking of which we lost Madden and second for nothing to add to the pile. Yes it was "excellent" value for a #1 pick on its own, out of context. That deal, would have been truly excellent for an already deep team who had a low draft position and needed a final piece. edit: Look I don't want to rail on about management's faults. But I also can't just put on my blue/green glasses and pretend JB has been flawlessly great like some can. That we couldn't have been in an even better situation today with more competent, and frankly realistic, decisions over his term. I didn't start this OP, but it was there so I am responding. I simply have to be real and acknowledge past mistakes, but that doesn't mean I am not still optimistic about the future. Its the only way I can stay sane with this lovable but frustrating franchise I've been a fanatic fan of for almost 30 years. But anything can happen. Good luck/research landed us Pavel Bure, and recently landed us Hughes and Petey (and Miller). JB may still find a way to improve the team more before the start of the season. I like JB's patience now in waiting it out, as players and teams become more desperate to make a deal the closer it gets to the cutoff date. That's smart. As it stands now though, we are a weaker team, especially on D, than we were last season. . . .
  14. One thing. Don't straw man argue. My exact quote was "Miller is a great addition, but he did not come cheap, or as a free agent." Never said we "overpaid" for him. It was a decent trade off, IMO. But adding to the amount of picks and prospects Benning has shed already in his tenure, for a supposedly rebuilding team, it doesn't help that side of the ledger, even if it did work out to add a top 6. Not only has Benning not added picks in his "rebuild" time here, he is under the minimum number every team normally gets. It all adds up, or in this case subtracts at least in that department. If Benning had acquired more picks/prospects, OR had signed tradable contracts, we maybe would not have had to send a #1 pick away.
  15. So far this summer's work for JB In (still): Loui Eriksson Brandon Sutter Jay Beagle Michael Ferland Antoine Rousell Jake Virtanen Out: Troy Stecher Chris Tanev Jacob Markstrom Tyler Toffoli + Tyler Madden + a second round pick I can't take anyone serious that thinks Benning has done a "great" job. His one shining light? Drafting. For which he let go the Chief of Amateur Scouting who was in charge for the best of those picks. Pettersson and Hughes are once in a lifetime acquisitions. Bravo JB for giving Brackett the green light on those ones. So fun to watch them play. But two or three players does not a team make, no matter how good. Just ask Edmonton fans. Ridiculous money and term given to declining veterans when we SHOULD have been in rebuild mode. (Yes a team still needs experienced vets, but not the plethora of revolving door over-valued contracts for bottom six players during JB's tenure). Miller is a great addition, but he did not come cheap, or as a free agent. Now we finally have two or three young emerging elites, when we should be in contention mode, with a cupboard full of emerging players, and most all our picks, and plenty left in our cap, we have instead a team so cap strained they have to dump productive talent in order to pay the bottom six anchors. And minus a first or second round pick. Stecher leaving was almost my last straw. An underrated defenceman because of his size. He was very effective especially for what he was asking. This team is more entertaining today than it was 5 years ago. It was slightly better in that we barely scraped into the playoffs. But it BETTER be improved after that amount of time to build a team. And we did that......with of course the four players in the second list You know what is also getting old? Excuses for JB. As always, because I'm a Canucks lifer, I only hope the very best for JB's luck in closing deals that work for the benefit of the team. I still hope he pulls some miracle deal out his wazzoo before the start of the next season. I'm always hopeful, but my patience with this GM has about reached the limit. . . .