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  1. The Canucks are literally not getting the bounces the puck jumping all over the place..literally.
  2. Love the guy, and his experience makes up for a lot of his declining speed, but its time to say goodbye
  3. Love watching Rathbone play. Thats what Jake critics mean by hockey IQ.
  4. Aqualini...............................Benning..............................Weisbrod
  5. George Parros should be fined $250,000. He could probably afford it too, but it would hurt a little at least.
  6. lol. This gets a hearing. But Wilson's doesn't? Dangerous little push, but ffs, you see this kind of push get 2 min. max usually. Especially if the player gets up right away.
  7. (More pre-game) Beers for Beniers!
  8. I got the impression that ownership was behind the original statement. They weren't punishing Gorton and Davidson for not quashing it, they were punishing them for trying to publicly disagree with their owner.
  9. Lets face it, Green was only playing Highmore to butter up his GM. Whos holding up a contract over his head. Don't want to embarrass big Jim about who he brought back for the hockey Gaud, who got 4 points in his first 3 games with Chicago.
  10. Its impossible to know for sure how much interference an individual owner may have. We can only guess. Obviously there is a sliding scale. Some owners can't help it. Some stay right out of it. Most, you'd think, will keep an arm's reach approach and only interfere when they see it affect their business. All we can look at is circumstantial evidence. And have a modicum of trust in reporters close to the story. It was widely reported that Gillis was bent on a proper rebuild in 2013. He could see the writing on the wall. But the Aquilini's were still high from the head rush of th
  11. "We didn't have the cap space". and "We ran out of time". we manage "day to day". These are not excuses that fan's want to hear. And rightfully so. COULD NOT? sorry, not good enough. Who's fault is it that we had no wiggle room in the first place? I don't believe a more creative, more aware, more prepared GM would not have found a way. It was more about misplaced priorities and lofty assumptions about other players waiting around. Even with the flat cap a more creative GM COULD have figured out a way. That's what he gets paid the big bucks for. He has waaaaaay more kno
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