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  1. No gasket's in danger here. Just wanted to correct with some facts. He wasn't God, but did a heck of a lot for his short time being our chief of amateur drafting. I just think he deserves a bit of respect. Jake was Jim's first and solo decision, before Brackett was hired. Brackett's first #1 pick rec was Boeser. Joulevi was JB putting his foot down on the pick the next draft. After that he decided it best to go with Judd's, thank the real God. Judd also did a lot with lower picks with his connections in the US college and eastern US leagues. There just wasn't much to criticize him for. He
  2. Not me. Do a little research before banging those keys. Someone like you asked sarcastically how many goals did Brackett score to which Iain MacIntyre wrote last year: https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/canucks-mailbag-whats-going-gm-jim-benning-judd-brackett/ Zero goals. The same as Olli Juolevi at the NHL level. But Juolevi was Benning’s choice back in 2016 because the GM wanted a defenceman and loved what he saw from the Finn at the world juniors. He could have chosen Mikhail Sergachev or Charlie McAvoy. Benning is believed to have gone with Brackett’s first-ro
  3. lol. 2014 was before Brackett. 2016 Jim insisted on the pick. Don't know why he can't get a little praise for his work here. His work in the US college helped with landing Boeser and Demko, not to mention the last few years #1s. Sorry eh, but I'm interested in how he does in Minnesota
  4. I think JB made it pretty clear who was GM to him. Now as far as the amateur draft...yeah, he would have had a big say in that move by Minnesota.
  5. Brackett making a move up to grab goalie Jesper Wallstedt
  6. Phoenix would have to pay him $3 million next season. We'd have paid him $33. ...only 30 million off the cap We saved 6. something like that I believe. Still not a bad haul. In 5 seasons here, he has accumulated 90 points. That's about $365,000.00 per point. That a lot, even in Swedish krona.
  7. It is a big risk. But I understand that he has a friendly buy out contract. So there's that, if he turns into LE 2.0. I'd be stoked if he bounced back in his play, and was a consistent top 2 for 3 years.
  8. I'm not going to judge one way or the other JB for this trade. Like a lot of trades, you can't judge it for at least until the last half of next season. Its continuing JB's retool deluxe. Its funny how he has never actually followed the MO that he was marketed as.."building through the draft". Arizona is now bent on collecting draft picks, weaponizing their cap. Something JB could have done early on too. Too late for that now. Pushing the problems of a lack of a high end prospect pool down the road. Stanley Cup or bust! The only thing that makes me leery is its
  9. Add to that, the hours, days, months spent trying to finagle a way to re-sign Marky, (and Tanev) when he should have been concentrating on Toffoli, and to a lesser degree Stecher. Still could have afforded Hamonic. Even Tryamkin. Looking at Seattle's D size and Tampa's and Montreal's....we really could have used him. Getting those players locked in, not signing Virtanen, Holtby. Buying out Sutter. We could have been sitting a little more comfortable.
  10. Fans patience can't do much. Its more about if Lord Maximus Farquaad.....er Aquilini.....has patience.
  11. These guys kill me. Not a great endorsement of the NHL. Or the Kraken's chance of getting a good player. Every team description is a list of how bad they have been.
  12. Sounds like their were a few Leaf fans there who were grumbling when he dissed them. Probably a few from Vancouver there too. I'd like to hear them boo the host if he slags us.
  13. Well, if Jim can't match, with four first round picks coming he'd be pretty well forced to finally do a proper rebuild. Who are we kidding. Those picks would be gone before you can say "Quinn wants out too" for a new slew of "foundational" older vets.
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