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  1. Edler, bless his heart, was a warrior here. But I'm so glad he's gone. Its amazing when you add up all the underperforming and aging players influence that are not here anymore, and what that does to the team. Not any one was solely responsible, but a little off the top from each of them really slowed the team down last year, so it adds up to a huge increase in speed over all. Edler Player Name Beagle Rousell add to that for now, Sutter and the part time player, Virtanen I think a couple of those players were like cancers in the locker room. Jake and Loui. Because they seemingly did not care enough to work more than a bare minimum required. I always thought it couldn't be great to have LE as Petey's older Swedish veteran forward to look up to and emulate. A more disinterested player I have not seen. So I'm happy they are all off the team. (other than Sutter who is fine on the salary he is getting).
  2. The enigma that is JT Miller One minute a bone head play, maybe even leading to goal, then the next minute he's playing like an unleashed fighting dog. Going to the net like a beast, and shooting like he's willing the puck into the net. I'd forgive him the first minutes for the last ones I love his heart on the sleeve emotions. So sick the media's snap back if an athlete can't hold back their emotions. Unless its happiness, then media loves unscripted emotion. Frustration invoked emotion is not allowed. Some players need that release more than others. So what.
  3. I wanted to see Tryamkin here. I wish JB had found a way to get him here. Before last season already. He would have been the perfect "Gino" for Podz, both on and off the ice. "Nyet Vasily...stay away from Devil's weed!"
  4. I'm stoked at how this team looks already. You can tell they are still getting to know each other. Both on and off the ice. That's whats so exciting. If they can look this good this early, just think how they could look say by Christmas, after the players have had time to get to know each others tendencies more, can read off each other better, and Green has established his lines with enough time together.
  5. Its their home opener. You'd think that would affect them more. Meh. Its going to take a number of games for the new Canuck lines to gel IMO.
  6. Exactly. Or like finding last years calendar in a bin. The main reason anyone would buy one is NOT to find out what day it is. When we can just look at our phone. Maybe to scrawl appointments on, but we now have a lot of better reminder options again, just on our phones. The main big reason fans, especially younger fans, have one to put on the wall is to have a poster of a Canuck player on their wall. Hopefully one that is doing well. If each of those photos is for individual months, it means that for 5 of those months, you'll be staring at a players who play for Winnipeg, Phoenix, Dallas...
  7. How quaint. A wall calendar. Used to be half went to the Childrens Hospital or Canucks Place, I don't see that anywhere. I would buy one though if that's the case. But maybe someone should suggest to Pharmasave that they wait....i dunno....maybe until the final roster is set to make the printing plates? Even if it takes another month, the calendar is for NEXT year. Still lots of time before Christmas for stocking stuffers sales. Isn't the whole point to celebrate the team as it is, for the actual year of the calendar? lol Schmidt on the front cover? That was months ago he was gone. Don't know if this is the back... We got all the big stars! Holtby! Rousell! Virtanen! even Beags! and the always popular empty net specialist, Player Name! Why would anyone buy this calendar unless there was a charity angle?
  8. I like Burroughs with Rathbone. He balances out Bones more aggressive offence, being more of a stay a home efficient defender. He also almost scored last game by going to the net when the opportunity was there. Scored in the preseason. Has a decent shot from the point. At some point it may catch up to him, we may find out he just can't sustain his steady play, but until that happens, why fix something that ain't broke? Especially if it means to give up more value, either draft picks or prospects or even useful players on the team.
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