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  1. IMO, you should separate the GDT from the rest of the other threads when it comes to judging negative (or positive) bursts. Even mods can get emotional during a game and vent in the moment. I certainly have made comments I think were a tad harsh in retrospect. There should be a sign hung above the entrance to all GDTs. "What is said in the GDT, stays in the GDT". Many times you may lash out a player, in the moment, because of some mistake that results in a goal against, even if, in general you like the player and their overall contribution, and communicate that in other threads. Just like in the real world there are many different opinions and takes on the team's potential. Some are wide eyed optimists where the team, and management can do no wrong. (Where's Apollo at?) Some want Benning fired but keep Green Some want Green fired but keep Benning Some want them both fired. Personally I have learned to separate my enjoyment of watching the team in the present, from analyzing mistakes from the past, and what is more important, how those mistakes will affect how difficult it will be to sustain any success through development of assets....if we get there. Now if an OP has Benning's tenure as the topic, then sure I'll jump in and say my piece. In a lot of ways, Benning has been operating on a kick the can down the road style of management. In fact, one of the biggest surprises is that there was this assumption that Jim was a build through the draft guy, his specialty if you will. And we were in for a slow steady conservative build. And he turned out to be more of gambler. This last season's trades could be his biggest gamble yet. Although the return is looking great now. He put himself into a position where he had to sacrifice yet another first and second rounder. And tie his hands for another few years. Which if he'd had built "an army" of extra picks and prospects instead of a depletion of them, we could afford to throw away a few more, and still keep a strong stable to look forward to. Yes we have a few good young prospects still, but so do other teams. We tend to exaggerate the potential and numbers of prospects that will help us down the road. We forget that the league, in general, is becoming faster, younger, more skilled.....on every team. And we will need a good number of ELC young studs in the coming years to be able to afford our stars and remain competitive. Here I'm ragging on JB when I said I wouldn't. My point is that I feel JB has set this team up for a big sugar high right now, by pushing a lot of chips in (that we may need in future) to do a quick and dirty build, in part to show Petey and Hughes that ownership is committed to winning now. This approach, dictated by past mismanagement, may lead to a big sugar crash in a couple of years...just as Petey and Quinn are perhaps in their true primes, and when we need more cap space, and more ELC players that we are developing in-house. But I'm willing to live in that procrastination world for now. In fact procrastination is a big part in my own life. You never know in hockey, something may work itself out. Like having a Burroughs fall in your lap. Salary cap going up. So for now...even though I am worried as to how Benning has done it..perhaps building the house upon the sand...and how he's going to sustain it...I am going to thoroughly enjoy the present team. Success breeds success. This gamble may pay off. I truly want it to. And it is fun to watch this team again. (Funner when Petey gets going). And I reserve the right to shout "What was Quinn thinking? Trade the bum!!" in the GDT.
  2. We just have to be patient with this group. In a lot of ways, they've surpassed expectations, considering all the extra complications other than half the team being new and starting on the road. Like injuries and contract delays. Petey having no training camp, after missing half of last season, is hitting him harder than anyone predicted. Maybe Petey knew that about himself, and thats why he flew into Vancouver secretly to try and move it along. But I really think that once the team gets back to Vancouver, and can practice together regular, do some drills, we'll see the old Petey start to come out again. This whole team needs that TBH
  3. Hate to say it but the problem with the PP is Petey. At least in the present
  4. When Shorty says "The PKillers must be tired...they've been out there for so long" And the players on the PP have been skating around the standing box at 3x the pace.
  5. Yup, Whats worse, they're conditioned then to continue playing the same static box defence 5 on 5
  6. Okay T-Spark what gives? Inquiring minds want to know. How does a die hard Canuck fan flip for the enemy, our closest rivals, that quick? You better have a good excuse, like you are an American Seattlite, who cheered for the Canucks like we do for the SeaHawks, and now has their own team to cheer for. That would be barely acceptable.
  7. I would agree to a point. I do think his frustration can be a detriment. When he lets it affect him too much at times he can look like he "gives up" but I think its just that he lets some mistake he made get to him which then snowballs into another mistake. He can learn how to control that better. But he's a leader on the team. He is one of, if not the best, point producer on the team! How is he a hindrance? I would think in the dressing room, any player that has any signs they will coast through a game, will avoid catching Miller's eye. Personally, I think that kind of fear in the dressing room is a good thing. We have enough polite, constrained, Swedish and other nationalities on the team. We also need a mix of a few that play more on the edge. And those kinds of personalities usually are more involuntarily honest in showing their emotion. Kesler was more in the Miller mold. What is the opposite of that? A Loui Player Name? Point production seems at least partially, connected to passion for the game. Saying that, any player is tradable. For a legitimate top 4 rhd? Especially knowing we can't re-sign every core forward, I'd be open to that down the road.
  8. Completely disagree. Miller is a gem. Just what this team has needed for years. Laughable that anyone would promote him as trade bait at this point. He's only led the team in points his first year here, then a close second to Boeser the next. This season, so far, he is tied for first with Garland. And its not only the point production, it IS that ornery attitude that is precisely why we need him. Again, I have to laugh at posters who cry about some Swedish influence of passivity and lack of emotion. Then we finally get a more passionate player who plays with his heart on his sleeve, and its......"oh my lord..I think I have the vapors. Trade him immediately so I don't have to watch a man get angry about losing!" You know Bo has smashed a few sticks. Is he next on the hit list?
  9. Interesting to look back. I wonder how many first time NHL coaches compared to other teams have we had? These ones had that experience: Pat Quinn obviously had experience coaching in the NHL. Philadelphia, Los Angeles Marc Crawford had limited experience....some would say he was more lucky with the players he had, than good in Colorado. Roger Neilson had only coached Toronto for a couple of seasons before. Edited to add Alain Vigneault. How could I forget. He had also had experience with Montreal. There may be more, but its interesting also how these are arguably the most successful coaches we've had. Maybe experience does count for something.
  10. Shouldn't be so nervous about 20 minutes of hockey this early in the season.
  11. Yeah, I agree. Don't know what it could be. Combination of dealing with new team mates, loss of the old ones. The loss of Hughes and Pettersson for the pre-season. Boeser not up to speed. Hamonic issues. New coach with new ideas. Or maybe something we don't even know about. But it seems to be something that is affecting the mood and chemistry in the room, not just their playing abilities. There just seems to be an overall lack of effort and determination for some odd reason.
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