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  1. The Canucks were the worst team hit in the NHL. Maybe even of all pro sports teams. We even made the Washington Post, https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2021/04/10/vancouver-canucks-coronavirus-outbreak/ So no, other teams did not have similar situations. Add to that the fact we had already played a gruelling schedule to start the season and were expecting the schedule to even out. Now we are asked to compress the tail end as well, while dealing with the rust, and covid too? Just more Canuck Luck. #TANS There's always next season.
  2. Just finally found out about this podcast a few days ago. Too bad this story is buried in here. I guess its not Canuck hockey related enough. Love it! The only person missing is the Moj. Bu Bye 650. I can have it on live at 10 am, or listen to it later if I can't at that time. TSN was horrible at posting their post shows audio up. There's even a Sekeres and Price podcast. I could only handle listening for five minutes though.
  3. So how much does this have to do with Bettman's contracts with Rogers and NBC? I seem to recall this talked about during the end of last season. One of the main reasons they pushed through to complete the season. That there are a minimum of games they must play to fulfill their contract or lose millions. Is Bettman forcing them to complete the season for league money? . . .
  4. The Seattle expansion draft is the very least the Canucks have to worry about. That's not a compliment. I'm surprised there is so much hand wringing here about it. Add Bowey to the list of under-performing eligible contracts in every position, goaltending, defence, and forward, to expose to them. One time when JB's underwhelming legacy of acquisitions will work in our favour. So thanks Jim, I guess? Its teams like the Wild, the Avalanche, and the Lightening, who's GM's brilliant work will be punished that have to worry more. The teams that have put together a deep base of ta
  5. EP is confident but does not come off as arrogant. Hughes is a little different. I was a little taken aback when he was struggling with his defensive numbers earlier and after a tough game for him, when asked questions about his mistakes and play, he responded "I think I played great" or something like that. Many players, including Petey, would probably give some answer something like "I have to do better". Not that I have a problem with it. If that's what Quinn needs to get up for games and keep playing well. Every player is different. But it does seem like Hughes has infl
  6. You know if it was his only, or one of only a few, trade/signing misfires, fine. But adding them all up........now all I see are excuses, and excuse makers, sorry. Jim has jumped the shark for me. Or Orca? I'll wish him success. I hope Tanner has a second wind. I hope he can sign Petey and Quinn to accommodating contracts. I'm stoked to see how Hoggy and now Podz fits into the team too. And I'm also a Tram fan and hope we see him next season. I pray JB hasn't managed to burn that bridge too. But I'll cheer the day he's replaced with a more seasoned GM with a glass of
  7. Thanks for joining in. I was answering a poster that said "Hamhuis was declining significantly and if I recall refused a trade before his contract was up." Both of which were untrue. And yeah, at the time, Dallas was laughing in that they didn't have to give up anything at all for him. Hindsight is 20/20 in that they didn't make the playoffs the next season. It should never have gotten down to such a low ball offer in the first place. I wonder why did other GMs think they could fleece the greenhorn GM Jim? And that drawing a line in the sand didn't help much as othe
  8. Great to have a place to debate. No hard feelings. We all want to be cheering seeing the Cup going down Robson one day. After absorbing this thread, it seems the job review on JB settles for everyone somewhere on the scale.... JB has been a disaster to.... JB has been just okay. Usually the reason for this rating is that his mistakes are balanced by the last few years top picks working out great. (Even if most of that work was done by Brackett's scouting dept. of the amateur draft). Question: Even IF you lean more towards the latter rating...
  9. A "declining significantly" player that just retired from the NHL in 2020? And no, Hamhuis did not "refuse a trade" https://theprovince.com/sports/hockey/stars-sold-on-russell-as-hamhuis-doesnt-go-to-suitable-destination-at-trade-deadline According to Hamhuis, he agreed on Wednesday to consider the Blackhawks and a day later to consider the Stars. And he stressed after the deadline passed Monday that he would have gone to either club if a deal was done. “I kind of expected something might happen with those teams because they reached out — it wasn’t that
  10. Jim has a history of losing value. Sure Gaudette was a5th rounder, but he was found value. It could balance out somewhat with the ones like Jake who’s value never reached what was expected. But no chance of seeing that balanced out now. Nor Madden and a second gone for nothing. in another department JB losses value by inking declining vets to generous contracts to the point they even become useless as trade bait for younger replacements. Stagnant value. Then he also loses value by the domino effect of losing actual useful good team pieces because of those overvalued contracts.
  11. So, Canucks get: Madison Bowie Mathew Highmore 5th rounder 6th rounder for: Jordie Benn Adam Gaudette 4th rounder As far as draft picks, a bit of a wash, 4th for 5th and 6th. As far as players, definitely went down in NHL ready proven quality. Benn another casualty from bad cap management. Gaudette....still not sure how much was about his wife's behaviour, I know Aquaman was pretty quick to turf Donnelly when he showed his antagonism to masks. Or if it really was all about Ad
  12. Or perhaps the Hughiest plan? ie...hide behind Brackett's HIS EXCLUSIVE luck/achievement to draft Boeser, Pettersson and Hughes as the proof that the Grand Plan is unfolding just the way he envisioned it 7 years ago.
  13. He as a plan...a beautiful plan. Many people say its the best plan they have ever seen. And only Jim can do it. Nobody knows more about planning and managing an NHL team than Jim does. Nobody. And if they say otherwise they are part of the radical left and most likely Leaf fans too.
  14. One? And here I suggested two.
  15. I wish someone would have informed him of that. Because, clearly, the owner and GM thought we were still contenders. If only Benning saw the light then. We were only 2 years removed from back to back President's Trophies, so we still had good performing players, on the back half of their careers, who would have brought in a lot of picks and prospects. You'd think if what I bolded above was what he truly believed, filling up that prospect cupboard would be his #1 priority. Especially when he still had valuable trading pieces. If not in year one, then at least after g
  16. Asking sports reporters to do their job asking hockey team questions to a hockey team GM that fans want to hear answered = thinking he is the "leader of the free world"? Wow. Thats some stretch there Armstrong
  17. I hope the "journalists" that are there do their jobs for once. Sports media in this town like talking behind people's back more. Never to management's face with questions that the fans want them to ask. They can badmouth them better than a veteran CDC franchise member when on air. But as soon as Benning is in front of them they treat him like royalty. I don't know if its the "ah shucks" down home personality of Benning that influences them. Don't want to come off as badgering such a golly-gee nice guy? I don't know. But I want someone sometime to hold his cockadoodle feet to t
  18. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results We will never win the Cup as long as JB is Canucks GM. Add to that another few years at least to undo all the damage. Blew the first window with the young stars on ELCs and bridge deals because of terrible deals for declining over valued vets. Now JB has begun sabotaging our next and most important window. Pearson has one goal in his last 14 games. An aging player who isn’t fast when the league is getting younger and faster. in a year when a lot of FAs will be available
  19. https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/canada-pays-more-for-prescription-drugs-than-comparable-countries-study-1.3454056 According to a new study, Canadians are paying far more for primary care prescription drugs than people who live in most other high-income countries with universal healthcare. https://thetyee.ca/Analysis/2019/11/08/Canada-Public-Lab-Life-Saving-Drugs/ ...roughly $1 billion of Canadian public money is spent each year on basic medical research. Yet Canadians have no ownership of the products that result. Instead, the university researchers (..individ
  20. Yup. Do people know how Canadians are getting ripped off...twice...in new drug research and development? We fund university labs, and working scientists there through taxes. For years sometimes developing a new drug or vaccine I'd imagine. If and when one is successful, Canadians, even though we funded all the research, do not benefit. Instead, universities, and even individual research scientists are allowed to sell their research work to anyone that pays them the most. Usually that is big US pharma. Then, Canadians pay again for the jacked up prices that the US pharmaceutic
  21. True. Not happy with the roll out here when watching the US be rewarded for their incompetence in suppressing the spread last year, get vaccinated quicker. But a lot has to do with our inability to produce our own vaccines. Thanks to the Cons. Who also earlier voluntarily destroyed the Avro Arrow, and with it our well-earned place in the fighter jet industry, at the yankees request. There's a reason why England was already vaccinating in December.
  22. Which is totally whack. I take it regular conservative folks, like the family I grew up in, do not want anarchy. They want SOME form of representative government. To establish business regulations to make it fairer for a small time entrepreneur to grow their business if nothing else. To make enforceable laws against murder, robbery, even white collar robbery. Ponzi schemes and other "business" scams. And you'd think that even the most ardent small-government conservative, would think that the ONE area that government may have a role, is in a natural disaster like a pandemic
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