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  1. Can hockey start already.........summer sucks without it

    1. Sully2Cool


      yeah it dose but the Canucks season starts again in 73 days.

  2. Trade Luongo and CoHo for Stamkos! Getter done MG

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    2. Apples


      I would be so happy

    3. Sully2Cool


      That would be a cool trade i would love to see Stamkos in a Canucks Jersey he would look Awesome in it.:)

    4. Master 112

      Master 112




      We might have to throw in an 7th round pick. ;)

  3. Today would be the day to buy Luongo out........but that won't happen unfortunately.

  4. Start Schneider. Cut salo, put ballard back in. Keep hodgson as well.

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      or we could let the hockey experts make the decisions...no offense.


  6. Edmonton......it never stops snowing here! I miss BC :(

  7. Yes, I LOVE electronica!

  8. going to circ de soleil sat nite yay!

    1. Markus Alexander Cody

      Markus Alexander Cody

      It's Cirque Du Soleil... And nice!!! You'll enjoy it.

    2. 23•Qwerty


      At least he spelled soleil right. xD

    3. justinkredabul


      hey im not french!! lol

  9. welcome to the wagon....

  10. GoCanuc............ wait a minute, its summer....what do I cheer for now...?

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    2. Kanye West

      Kanye West

      Not that much into football, Go Nucks

    3. justinkredabul


      football is boring....so is baseball. They need like a summer rollerblade hockey

    4. EB²


      im cheering 24/7 365 days a year :)

  11. wieman?? whats next steve-o?

  12. Happy BDAY to me!!! Gawd I'm getting old....

  13. cmccomb....... lol for a min there i thought you were a guy i grew up with named chad mccomb lol had to check the pro to see if you were in alberta

  14. lol pretty sure we didnt hang out man.... Im in saskaFREAKINGtoon lol

  15. k who the hell r u lol

  16. brown noise?? what the eff?!?!

  17. You pick the time and place!!

  18. Ya i know, im just giving you a hard time.

  19. haah yay you left one!! Dont be sorry its all good. any reason why you check on me so often LOL...

  20. I always see you creeping my page........ at least leave a comment

  21. Ya I know converting is not easy. Most of my friends are still trapped by top 40 crap. Mind you there are some really killer club mixes of top 40 stuff that makes it good.

  22. HAHA You have higher expectations then I do for them lol.. Still love them tho. I use to be a wings fan when I was a kid. My cousin played for them. Back in their winning hayday..

  23. I knew..... All the red wings ones are history WAS made.... which is more then I can say about my team.... lol

  24. Its the electro/trance/house thread.

  25. Your just mad cause the they aint making any new red wings ones....

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