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      already am :) Great cause.

  2. 1:30 am, Tuesday morning. Just got home from Grey Cup. What a blast. If you've never been to Grey Cup festivities I strongly recommend going here in Vancouver next season. Don't have to go to the game, just check out the parties the teams put on. This was my 6th Grey Cup and my tickets for number 7 are already paid for. On a side note, Shea Emry was on my flight home, so talked to him for a while in the waiting area.
  3. Wow, very scary to watch. I don't understand why the guy uploaded the video in the first place, and why it hasn't been taken down yet.
  4. Wow... Can't believe Buck is back. I don't think Lulay has anything to worry about though, but he's likely going to be the 2nd string. I wonder what will happen to DeMarco (and will he give up his number). Edit: Lions roster have him wearing #11. http://www.bclions.com/roster/index/team/1
  5. I'm so mad.... I can't even.....
  6. Next year West (and East I guess) finals are on my birthday !!!
  7. No, but I just mean this could be 3 in a row.
  8. They all took different roads there, but Lions won when they hosted, Argos when they hosted..... and now Sask going 5-0 when they are set to host.
  9. Fair enough, but not all Canucks fan riot...
  10. FINALLY game day. Not a fan of these Tuesday games. It feels like it's week 6.
  11. Kavis Reed has a case of the sads after the loss. http://www.cfl.ca/video/index/id/86347
  12. Completely gone, It was about 2 sections over from me. I hope the owners of the sign pull it out for the game vs Saskatchewan, I am sure they will.
  13. Home from the game. What a win ! I was concerned after last week and pre season, but they definitely got their game together and pulled thru tonight. So happy with the results tonight. This year marks year 7 as a season ticket holder, but I averaged 5 games a years for about15 years before that.
  14. Just got home from the game. Yeah, I was not impressed by him at all. It's been a while since I haven't had faith in 2 QBs. Hopefully Lulay stays healthy, because I don't like our odds without him. Then again, this is based on one game, maybe he's better than what I saw.
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