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  1. #BellLetsTalk

    1. debluvscanucks


      already am :) Great cause.

  2. Captain Bob

    towel power

    Technically towel power existed in the NFL in Pittsburgh in the 70s, but what happened in Vancouver, and the response to it, was it's own thing and completely un related.
  3. Let's get those 2 goals back !

  4. Wow, you were on 48 minutes ago? Early riser too. Hope school's going well.

    When you saw me, was I banging on the glass like a monkey? (I'm answering to your FB comment here, because I can)

  5. CDC Pokerstars Tournament tonight after the game. First game @ 8:50 pm PST. More games if necessary.

    Please sign up :)

  6. hi, i forgot my username and password so they wouldn't let me use my site....i tried everything they suggested but in the end, they said i didn't exist....the only thing i could do was start a new account as joe of the north, so i could get back into the boards....i was smithers joe...is there anyway to come back as smithers joe, or am i destined now to be joe of the north?

  7. Watching battle of the blades. So sad to see Belak. He looks so full of lfe.

  8. hello, i´m fine with that the european hockey thread got unpinned but why only one thread can get pinned? just curious cuz i want my prediction game get pinned again..regards TGC

  9. you and debbie, the supers....i never did get to meet you when i was at the games...you must have taken trish's place.,,congrats anyway.

  10. jim bob..billy bob...joe bob...captain bob :D

  11. Will you still love the Lager as much now, Bob?

  12. Happy 170th birthday to Lord Frederick Arthur Stanley

    1. The Sedin's 6th Sense

      The Sedin's 6th Sense

      Mod, just wondering that how long till I can post and be a part of canucks.com? I joined a day ago and it says I have to wait for the confirmation of a administrator or something till I can post. You know how long it will take? (btw I posted here cause I can't really do anything or post anywhere than here)

  13. If you haven't already, check out google today. Make sure sound is on.

    1. MrsCanuck


      That has wasted way too much of my time.

  14. Go Canucks Go Jets !

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