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  1. What positive insights of Hitler’s overall contribution are we missing because of demonizing him? Is this a lost in translation thing?? Sure Hitler saved some guys life in WW1, loved animals, and maybe(but not really) hoisted Germany out of recession but OVERALL contribution? Medical advancements? I’m honestly curious. Maybe your point was lost in hyperbole. But I agree. We need to look at a person wholey to comprehend their actions and demonzing them doesn’t help with that. It’s unscientific. And I’m getting sick of public outrage... People suck, just animals trying to survive, riding the wave of nature and nurture. We are all capable to terrible things and the outraged think they are incapable of these things
  2. Good to know! I just had my financial planner tell me he was feduciarily bound and I thought it went for advisors too.
  3. Regardless of Garrisons actions, financial advisors have a feduciary responsibility to their clients. Cases like these help create an incentive to protect the rest of us from advisors using our money to enrich themselves. Im regards to Garrison, why are you assuming he has no grounds for complaint? It’s innocent until proven guilty(the advisor), not disparage the plaintiff if you don’t like him for some reason. Or have an assumption of his conduct because of other rich atheletes.
  4. I shouldnt have commented on Cherry’s qualification. I really don’t understand his contribution in totality. I’m relatively new, only as an observer,(15 years) to hockey. On a side note: I went to the Whalley ceremonies today and participation by all nationalities was incredible. With HUGE participation in cadets by the kids, which was pretty awesome. Also, quite a few immigrants have a close relationship with violence and tyranny. They understand sacrifice and the greatness of Canadian freedom better than I do. This isn’t virtue signaling, I think it’s important for modern Canadians to be humble and understand their advantages.
  5. Blanket prejudice of race(or any group, I think the definition has evolved to this), for better or worse. Whether it is cultivated within the mind, spoken, or acted upon. Also, I think it’s important to understand that racism can be a subtle, natural, attribute with horrifying consequences. Because of this it needs to be watched carefully by the individual and society as a whole. To what is to befall the offender I’m not sure, but to be fired from a show you were questionably qualified for is no over reaction. Regardless of the above, hockey night in Canada is not platform to be broaching subjects like this. It’s a family program designed to bring folks together, not plant seeds of division in the most impressionable of viewership.
  6. Podkolzin has drive and is always engaged. I never saw the same drive with Virtanen in juniors. I do think more production would be nice but I think he’ll get there. His VHL production isn’t terrible. We are just spoiled by Pete and Hughes haha.
  7. I am definitely hopeful for Joulevi but the confirmation bias is strong on both sides and the hypocrisy here is kinda silly. By that I mean, you criticizing one extreme bias but not criticizing the other side for being biased is kinda biased. Both sides have solid ground to stand here and tempering of opinions are definitely needed. Although, understanding the difference in context regarding draft disicions and Joulevi’s development is important. On a side note, here is an article about the impacts of genetics on injuries. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2015/02/the-genetics-of-being-injury-prone/385257/ I’m not saying Joulevi is prone to injuries due to genetics, (I have not mapped his genome, work it progress ) or to confuse correlation with causation, it’s just something else to put into the probability of success calculator.
  8. When the CPC doesn’t give climate change the respect demanded by science and the experts, remember its also science and experts they aren’t respecting. This puts into question their willingness to follow facts and science throughout their governance. In economics, social sciences, education, etc
  9. You mean “JB blowing 2 top 10 picks” right? You’re doing exactly what I was talking about. You’re changing what was said to suit your argument and making it sound more like “Joulevi is a bust” to the next guy.
  10. I don’t feel saying JB wasted 2 top 10 picks either is writing them off. Maybe it’s just a difference in intreptation and I can leave it at that. I wanted to make a point of people’s opinions being terribly misrepresented. As as far as reading through the thread- Do you know it there is a way the search a thread? I want to actually figure this out haha. I feel it’s very few who actually call him a bust and most of the reaction is to a few specific people or run away over reaction/gang mentality due to a misunderstanding.
  11. I usually see-picked too soon or should have taken someone else, which isn’t writing him off.
  12. I hate to be contentions but there are very few who have actually written him off. In fact, I can’t think of any at the moment. For some reason, criticizing or expressing disappointment means they are writing off the player. This is obviously bullocks and creates a self perpetuating, magnified by the media, myth of insane and unreasonable fans.
  13. Hit the nail on the head. I might of considered voting for the conservatives if it wasn’t for there garbage, and purely oppositional, plan. It won’t do as well to reach goals and is going to cost the economy and the “hardworking Canadians” more. This doesn’t even include the intrinsic cost for climate change. It’s just dumb.
  14. And 1 day a winter where you have to drive with summer tires!
  15. Totally. Speed affect amounts of accidents. It increases slow down time, reduces a “safety net of g forces” and people predict your position on the road to what speed they are used to on said road. If you’re turning right onto marine drive and cars are going 90 instead 50, it’s going to screw up people’s timing.
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