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  1. It's SMART if they purposefully sit as many of our key, top youth as they can. THIS is a time custom-made, to play out a season with hopefuls & grinders.
  2. So does the Slapshot scene play out in some rich woman's stately mansion, where a Paul Newman type warns her of her young son's future proclivities?! Wish we could all time-travel back to the 1970's, eh?...
  3. The only way I'd really enjoy making a miracle-run to the PO's, is if it came from unlikely(& overpaid!) sources. For example, if Holtby suddenly went on some unbelievable tear, & then MD contributed some beauty starts, as well. Say we got big key goals from depth guys. Leaf cast-aways & the like. In truth, I see the chances of this^ dreamscape occurring, at almost 0%. We've leaned too heavily on key youth, dating back to the EDM bubble. It's time to let them rest up, recharge, & get hungry for 2021-22. Let's pocket some nice picks, & look forward wi
  4. If we HAD been in a PO spot when this cataclysm struck..man it woulda' been a p*sser! Long as the boys can get back to 100% health(touch wood), we can write this one off, & take a couple more juicy picks.
  5. Good posts, IB. Starting to see WPG as a bit of a comparable for us, these days. They've got more size, but if the bfg comes back, we'll be closer there. It's hard to comparably time-line these things; but of course their current core has been on the rise, longer than our young cast. Where I would expect most sensible rebuilds to start blueline & then address fwds, looks like the Jets accomplished the reverse. We might replicate their feat. 18 mos back, the Jets appeared on the ropes. Their D was decimated, & they had to turn it over & go young. Wasn't exact
  6. It's sooo important they get this celebration rolling. The Gov just decided to dump 10 yrs of radioactive waste-water into the lovely Pacific :^O cean. With such apocalyptic announcements, we really Neeed a 2 wk party to feel happier 'bout ourselves. & I'm just gonna move heaven & earth to get tix to the most important event... TRAMPOLINE! Gotta wave that flag where we're so dominant, eh?!
  7. Another idea is to cram the Cdn-4 into another EDM bubble, for PO's. Then if the Northern Div has fallen behind, compared with the US divisions, they can condense their PO sched. At least with no travel they can likely catch up, & the 3rd rd can start with almost everyone in synch. Sorry, just wakin' up(& smellin' the java here!), if anyone had already suggested as much. Glad to hear that the 1st game vs EDM got quashed.
  8. One member of "The Duran" tandem, has started his own channel. Alexander Mercouris presents an informed, objective viewpoint on matters of geopolitical-import. On various regions, he also provides good historical context, explaining grievances, rivalries & the like. Things are getting rather hairy in The Ukraine..worrisome to put it mildly. Today's topic(episode #108) concerns Russia's military build-up.
  9. Gotta admit, enjoyed watching our old-3(Jacob, CT & Leivs) figure prominently vs the Habs tonite. Those are good blokes, & I'm glad they got a nice pay-day(their careers warrant a decent buck). Also good to see Josh looks fine after that dirty knee injury last season. Hope he squeezes another 3, 400 games outa' the bigs.
  10. PAGING Coach Travis!!!! This is NOT the EDM bubble vs the Vegans. You must NOT horse-whip a dozen pack mules across the Sahara. Under NO F***ing circumstances! Treat this as ATOM house league. EVERYONE gets to play..hand out part. ribbons after, ferGawdsakes! Dress everyone(& their buddies) the next tilt. all fwds: 13-16 mins each all D: 19-21 mins EACH!!! Ain't rocket science, amigo.
  11. @Squamfan You should be sent packing. What a disgraceful post, & what a time you pick to dump it on a worried fanbase. Unbelievable
  12. WHIIIIIITE is the COLOURRRR! Hockey is the Game! We'll social-distanccccce Cos' survival is our aim So cheeeer us on thru the slush & pain...
  13. Okay heck..I'll compromise! Let's move our Bronze Roger to the summit of Grouse Mtn. A lofty perch enabling him to oversee the game's governance with balanced, omniscient wisdom. & what the Hell? We're prob all destined to grouse about the officiating until the end of days, anyways. Lastly, he surrendered a Battle(to officials corrupt, not our opponent); a brilliant tactic leading to our '82 crew winning that War!
  14. It basically stinks, & smells like a set-up. More proof of the degree this shyte league disrespects(detests?) Van's franchise. You'd never see such a sched being crammed down the throat of any key US market, or Hogtown for that matter.
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