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  1. Really nice work here, OP. Finally had time to go thru a little more slowly. It's a pretty powerful thing for a franchise when roster-pressure is coming from drafted youth. All these high-performing ELC's have been a Godsend.
  2. League's pulled this crap a longgg time. You can't build a team to play vs 2 rulebooks.
  3. Man, the drama around Lindros, back around 1991-93. Imagine if there'd been the 24/7 social media(w/ all today's platforms) back then? The stories about this guy. Like spitting beer on a girl in a club - he really seemed like an entitled, huge, bully-brat. Parents representing him, refuse Quebec, etc... Gotta' be honest, when Kaspar leveled him, I felt the hockey Gawds had taken appropriate action. 'Karma Police' by Radiohead comes on as I'm typing..hmm. Yup, big Eric got a heavy dose of karma.
  4. Hey, this is JAPAN, Man! You two..do rock,scissors paper. Winner goes Gold..GO!
  5. On the line that is dotted..let's get his John Doe! ABC ..Always Be Closing!
  6. Shucks..the Habs & dirty 'Ning coulda' dun this!
  7. What'cha talkin'bout Dazzle! Erik Karlsson is SICK & TIRED of being on rebuildin' teams. Have some compassion, darnitall! Oh waaaaitttt..you mean that Evander guy! HAHAHA!!! Suck it you LOWLY diving Snarks! Back to the early 1990's for you, & buy out HALF your flippin' team too!
  8. In late-March, these were sincere questions/projections Jimmy..& then Whammo! The COVID mayhem hit us, & all(Team & fans alike) seemed like we were huddled in the eye of a media(& haterz) hurricane. "& from the hottest fires come the strongest steel..blah x3" Hey man, after all that happened to this good bunch of blokes, let's figure they're comin' back strong next season, eh?
  9. Just got home from Lake Biwa(overnight stay) to this overwhelming tidbit. First time swimming in yrs, & my shoulders are lamer than Nate Schmidt! So what happens IF the future does indeed arrive, & we are deemed inconsiderate?! What then, huh? Does all Hell brk loose?!
  10. Helps the league in 2 ways... - Cut all ties with this arrogant lump - Help one of their privileged markets DUMP an onerous cap hit
  11. I'm not wasting a summer worrying about these F***ing financial ?s If this kid will take a bridge: Great, get that John Henry & if he won't ? Then the OP is raising a perfectly valid question. Sign EP first, then deal with this. It's bulls*** I don't see TBay having to worry about these bridge deals. Rules for me..but none for THEE?! F*** this.
  12. A pretty classy way to ride off into the sunset(career wise, that is!) No Broon-backer here, but Krejci appears a stand-up guy.
  13. Au contraire! In fact, it's been Utterly refuted!
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