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  1. Was nice to hear JV is pumpin' iron with the Big Giraffe. Next we might wanna throw booster cables on his temples & give him a Ferrari-revved jump-start. Kid'll have a great few shifts/period, then disappear again for 10-14 days. Maybe it's the freekin' brand of java he's drinkin'? Whatever it is..lad's gotta get it in gear, cos' other kids will be passing him soon. Next 2, 3 mos of play should be tell-tale...
  2. I don't see this as very complicated. When a team hits 40(games in), you simply need to be able to count to 30. If the cap is at 82 mill. Said team had 14 guys(they'd drafted & kept; never traded & reacquired), then you'd add 1.8 mill to their ceiling. It's 83,8 mill, from about TDL(say they agree mid-Feb perhaps?) until the end of that season. Next season all teams go back to set number. Opinion: When we consider all the team hrs invested into scouting, drafting & development, simply see this bonus-cap as a well-earned reward for teams that do this well. There's also perpetually increasing interest in the annual draft/prospects/developing from the nerdy(analytics type) online fan-experience. I'd say rules & bonuses like this might actually enhance/cater to such a crowd.
  3. @Kevin Biestra Guess I'm somewhat of 2 minds on this..but yeah, think I prefer top teams(mostly) built from within, with strong drafting/development. This yr's 2 finalists have both been pretty impressive in this regard. Back in the day(3, 4 decades say) I don't recall as many player transactions, as today. Seemed there were more prominent pros staying with one team for most of their career. But then you could go even further back to the days when the tempestuous Eddie Shore once swapped some poor AHL'er for a hockey net! :^)
  4. I'd prefer none of our boys appear on a daytime soap(like Gretz did..way back in the day!) or Oprah. But she prob retired, eh?
  5. I like that too..interesting, but prob need some tweakin'.
  6. It's a good question, & one of the obstacles for such a concept. I'd prefer they'd wedge off a slice of the pie for ideas like this, as opposed to bailing out the fair weather, sunbelt welfare-types. Perhaps incorporating progressive rules generates more interest(& revenue) over a long haul? Don't know..just wanted to throw this idea out there to get input/ideas(like you've put forth).
  7. Another aspect I'd forgotten is signing players(overage/EU/college) that weren't drafted. I'd suggest if you signed them prior to say..their 22nd Bday, perhaps they'd be eligible to include with this rule?
  8. I've seen ideas like this bounced over the yrs. Mulled it a bit, & came up with this variation. First off, I do think teams should be rewarded for building a roster with a strong representation of their own drafting/development. Take mid-season, 40 games in. To be eligible, a player must have played in 30 games(20 for gt's maybe?). If 10 of your players meet that criteria, you get a bonus $1,000,000 at TDL, 'til season-end. Each extra player is say, 200k. So if 15 of your players(that you drafted & developed) played in 30 of the first half's games, you'd have a bonus 2 mill tacked on at the TDL. This would encourage more activity at the deadline as well. ************not selling this today!********** Let's face it, the NHL has enough to worry about the next yr or two... But I think it's an interesting idea to implement, perhaps 2 or 3 yrs down the line. Questions: 1- Good idea? 2- Perhaps you like it, but have different suggestions as to how they'd work this?
  9. You & I don't know yet. All this could be tip of the iceberg, at this point. A talent like Pietroangelo got squeezed pretty hard to get his 8. whatever. This economic-tightening will likely filter into/through all age groups, eventually. We're still within a time-frame where huge cash injections from gov'ts have kept some semblance of order. Things could get way worse..then perhaps a season not even getting off the ground. At such a time(from owner's pov) I'd like to be one(of the 31) with lots of youth, & minimal long-term, pricey vets.
  10. With a non-existent economy, OTT should be able to rope-in their youth, on the cheap. It's a good time to be a young, rising team. In this sense, Van & Ott share some similarities. Hope both franchises become powerhouses.
  11. The other day he mentioned that "win it all within 4 yrs" quote. He's pushed a lot of chips forward. Of course, also heard he's run from some debts :^) At the end of the day, hope these guys kick the Laffs' a$$! Teach 'em what a proper rebuild looks like.
  12. Recently heard they've finished 30-31-30 overall(last 3 yrs). Reminds me of the Nords, last overall 3 consecutive yrs, 3 decades back. We all know what happened for them, shortly thereafter. It'll be very interesting watching this squad, next 2 or 3 seasons. When they turn the corner, bet they'll be a hot ticket again. Which begs the question: With a crashing, uncertain economy..was this an absolutely ideal time to go scorched earth?
  13. Furthermore, first two pages of thread folks are dissing this opinion, & asserting that EM will NEVER pay talent, anyhoo, blah x3. Well folks, they're almost up to 70 mill/40 contracts, & you just know they'll pay Brady(with all invested) next summer. They brought in a bunch of muscle, to protect their hordes of young, talented future. Their top-10 prospects are an enviable stash(most must have heard) that I won't bother listing. It's disgustingly-potent. You want a textbook, scorched-earth rebuild? hey, admit it..this is it.
  14. Ottawa Sens were smart. They sold overpriced stars at JUST the right time. I bet at least 25 owners would trade rosters(all players, picks & prospects in org) with Ottawa today. & fortunately, we are one of the teams that would say, "No thanks." We got our own good thing goin... This Sens team is poised to be a monster, soon.
  15. example #2, in my contention that pro sport is in for a harsh dose of reality(& high time!)