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  1. Bad economy..but some sharp BC entrepreneur should flog a BroLouiE voodoo doll! (on pins & needles for'dat)
  2. Next few yrs, I can envision an epic Sens-Avs Finals clash, where Brady T tries to run Byram through the boards. A lot of fairweather-fans will fall for this Sens squad. Young, fast, talented, & will beat teams up in the back alleys as well(should it go there).
  3. Heavensta'Betsy..let's change the topic! Tomorrow is the 26th anny of the Kobe Quake; which rudely awakened my date & I, back when I was young & energetic!
  4. Indeed. Then factor in they're sitting at 70 mill, with 5 or 6 developing 1st r prospects lying in wait. What if they felt like pursuing Dubois, for craps & gigglin'? Norris, Brannstrom, Stepan(retain whatever BJ's ask) & a 1st ^Who's gonna beat that?!
  5. The hated one, Melnyk, schooled these 'Shanascam' chumps in how to conduct a proper, scorched-earth rebuild. Once again(recurring theme over decades), Hogtown went 70, 80% of the way, then completely botched it up!
  6. Game 1 for Ottawa's yutes & they trash Hogtown, somethin' fierce. SENS 5! Laffs 3
  7. Tough question..but the top-9 would be pretty stacked. When VP arrives, could try many trios. Sometimes even try Miller as 3C & EP on wing?
  8. BB(retain 1 mill), Gaudette CBJ: PLD That'd be tempting. Would be so loaded at C.
  9. For Jake, suspect we need to try him(for a good spell..10 games?) on Horvat's LW. It's tough, bc TP's been pretty good there. Virtanen - Horvat - Podkolzin Prob will never come to pass, but could see this as a fast, imposing 2nd line.
  10. Missed the 3rd p, & all the PGT, hand wringin', to boot. Did I jinx the boys? Said McD wasn't worth 12 mill-ish, before game. Man, that kid is something when he's rolling. How on earth could he & Drai lose to the Craphawks? It's nice to see Canada can still produce McD, MacKinnon type talents. Gotta' tip yer hat to the opponent when they work that kinda magic.
  11. What a drag. Watching thru, don't seem to get the 2 Johns. You folks are privileged! :^(
  12. Seeing old stalwarts in new jerseys are road-signs guiding us on to the Autobahn, dammit! Should we put the top down?..
  13. Can't eat a salad now without them. Give me a fork/knife setting, & I look like Lucic attempting EP stickhandling.
  14. Such an established group needs a keen eye for young, upcoming, prospective talent, as a way to replace the outgoing, more established player. Kinda like a GENIUS hockey GM needs to draft fine, young, elite skill to continually load up a winner. OMG..sounds like someone we all know?!
  15. I like when Stewart gets waving his freeken arm around(whenever gabbing) like he's conducting the London Philharmonic!