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  1. Rumours of this site's demise have been greatly exaggerated?
  2. Feels like Steinbeck's "Mice & Men", when Candy couldn't bear to shoot his aging ol' mutt. Think Slim took care of biz... Foreshadowing what George had to do to Lenny.."Tell me bout the rabbits G, like only U can..."
  3. Baby it's a lost cause... edit: Tired of fighting..tired of figggghhhting..fighting for a lost cause
  4. It's been a slice. GL to one & all...
  5. We neeed C DeSmitty to win the Vez & Conn Smythe. That's how we WIN the Kesler deal!!! :^)
  6. Howz'bout "I'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonite" by ARS ? Brilliant forgotten oldie
  7. Don't wanna go deep on the analysis-bent..this crap's all emotional for us now. But it seems today integrity is out the window, & systems/narratives are more important to control. Individuals are usually pretty decent & honest. Organizations? Seems the larger they are, more likely they're compromised. From Hollyweird to a zombified, hollowed-out music industry, to over-F***ing-paid pro athletes..what is there of notable quality that you can enjoy MORE than generations past? So the middle-aged blokes like you & I eventually tire of the watered-down song & dance. We spend more times with loved ones, personal hobbies & organizing sock drawers. By this time, another gullible generation jumps into the fray, with new cars, sweet dates, big aspirations & all that usual nonsense. TPTB target that group(THEY $pend more), & shuffle the older fans to the F***ing periphery.
  8. I don't know a damned thing about tech(proud dinosaur), but your agreeable opening paras are just more proof, IMHO This change was imposed upon the owners. Mandate from League Hindquarters. Otherwise appears they're killin the golden goose, for no good reason.
  9. Will the other site have CAPITAL punishment?!(let's hope not!)
  10. JTM is a lil' edgy & chirpy..but you gotta like how it feels he's completely immersing himself into the local community. Nice to see an established US star, accept Van BC as the place to be.
  11. The Makavelli short vid exposing league dbl standards for 'dem Broongoons. It was so well done. Saniel Dedin often made me laugh..that was long ago. Crazy b*gger was one of a kind. Personally had battled the blues for a long period. This place was ideal to take one's mind away from matters one couldn't sort out. Thank you to any/all, who kept it interesting, informative, kind, joyful & civil.
  12. Oft executed with precision, PB. All the best to you.
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