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  1. It's hard on my ticker, Ghosts. I've been killing the volume so that Shorty sounds like an underground ant...
  2. Would say Shorty runs a tight ship with fairly well-maintained boundaries. Seems to demand decency & respect is part of his broadcast(perhaps Jim Robson-inspired?). Garrett understands perfectly how to stay within, yet keeps things light & often humourous. But Hirsch just wields a blunt machete in the dense jungle(forgot the compass too).
  3. Missed their broadcast..can you remember(approx) when this mayhem occurred?
  4. If it's just 1 game, can accept VP taking a short break. That said, ChAisson better play like a man-possessed(ala K Wellwood)!
  5. Ain't this guy an anti-vaxx type? That'd go over real well with our club.
  6. Well said. After painting himself into a corner, watch him tap dance like a horse's @$$! We've squandered all our toughness, due to his stupid whims. JB gave this clown way too much leeway.
  7. Green must go. He's veering off into the ditch already. F***ing apocalyptic camp, lousing all summer progress.
  8. It's a fair point, & the timing of these things must've lead to much discussion amongst the Mtl fanbase. Then there was the controversial 1st rd pick, ED, Price & Weber questions..it's not like MB could sleep through the summer. My guess is they sat on the fence(equating Dvorak's ability as = or > Kotka), & they accepted the scenario. Then made 2 gameplans for Oct-TDL, depending upon their start.
  9. Can you clarify that 2nd sentence? I'm referring to the Kotka/Canes 1st(compensation for offer sheet) that was possibly sent to the desert.
  10. To be wrapped up in these re-words is akin to splitting hairs. Any deal between teams is either addressing the future or the present(& sometimes both). As mentioned 5-7 posts back, the Habs have a pretty good incentive to not finish in the #11-16(1st rd picking) spot, as they'd lose that pick. So starting Oct with a depleted lineup, then selling at the TDL is not so far-fetched. I felt the reference to Ottawa(original post) was worthwhile. The impressive haul they'd landed for EK was likely influenced by his otherworldly 2017 PO-aura. Should Mtl sell, many GM's just saw a good showing from several of their skaters.
  11. It's a prediction for the wks/months leading to TDL.
  12. They don't. The mediocrity is achieved by dealing present assets for future wealth. That's augmenting a poor start, with many key pieces now missing.
  13. The Carolina pick is likely to be in the late 20's. So their worst situation is finishing in the 11th OA spot - then the Yotes get that pick. Should their pick be #10 or higher, they get to keep it, & the Desert Dogs get the(likely later) Cane selection. A big reason I see the Habs having a very mediocre season. Call this prediction whatever you like.
  14. Oh relax, no one's suggested his father's poor health wasn't true. To simply stop arguing with people & labeling(on-line) offensively would prob serve your ticker well. There's nothing to debate. Just felt like making a thread, predicting the Habs WILL finish bottom-10. Should they dial it back with a watered-down lineup, the world keeps turning. I don't mind stating such a prediction for future reflection. Makes sport more interesting.
  15. Myself..been b*tching about Green over a yr now. But just like the gem draft picks(& clunkers), JB ultimately takes responsibility for his HC choices.
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