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  1. Yeah.. Doop rhymes with Poop for a reason.

  2. Shut up ya idiot. Dump trucks don't attract me. At least he could get out of vancouver -- you're still stuck hiding under your momma's skirts.

  3. Ignore Amiro, I disagree with you but you aren't a ????ing moron.

  4. Miss you're hilarious comments and Pauser Bashing :(

  5. Thanks so much for taking the time to blog, Kes. They are so much fun to read, we all idolise you and the team where I'm from. My family's concensus is that you've been the best forward to date (and the most effective/efficient one as well). Keep it up
  6. Thanks so much for posting, Ryan! I've loved you're season so far, we were a bit lacking the speed department last year, but that seems to have been remedied thus far. Largely in part to you. I totally thought that you, mo and Naslund looked amazing this year. I'm sure you'll be on the same line again soon! Anyway, thanks again, these are incredibly fun to read. Good luck in Los Angeles!