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  1. The loss to the Orioles tonight was rock bottom.
  2. Geez. Danny Jansen couldn't get a hit to start the season, now has homeruns in 3 straight games
  3. Oh for sure. I am completely guessing for most part when hitting. Whenever I'm like don't swing at this pitch it's right down the middle, then when I say I'm gonna swing it's a slider or something way out of the zone and I look like a fool. I wanted to see what it was like increasing pitching difficulty and went to legend just to see what it was like....2 pitches 2 HR given up.
  4. Bump. We will be back next year.
  5. gmen81

    NFL thread

    Titans need some pass catchers. AJ Brown gonna catch 150 balls this year
  6. gmen81

    NFL thread

    If Titans go WR in round 1 I think it will be Moore or Bateman. If they go CB it wil probably be Farley or Samuels jr I haven't really looked at any mock drafts or anything so not sure if we can get any of those guys with our 2nd pick.
  7. Omg I am so upset right now. Started my franchise mode awhile back actually played all 82 games and made playoffs. End up going to game 7 in round 1 and of course play all those games. Click advance day to get to game 7. Checked a message on my phone and then click on advance day again and less then a second after I realized I was like noooooooooooo!!!! Ended up losing the game in overtime and get eliminated. So upset.
  8. I got some NBA top shot moments but don't have any crypto wallets to withdraw money. What would be the best options to start one of these things?
  9. Man if I play on superstar I'll be lucky to touch the puck. I've just moved up to pro and game have been good. Do need to upgrade goaltending though as it's pretty weak for both teams.
  10. I'm sorry. Actually saw he was gonna play and wanted to check to see if he was still on the Ducks.
  11. Never really been good at these games, I can never sniff playing all star mode or whatever the highest difficulty is. I been playing Franchise mode on semi-pro and early on found the games to be fun. Later as the season goes on and I improve I start to win games rather easily. I would rather have games be close and struggle to get wins. So I change over to pro and get absolutely shelled. I need to find the right balance. Trying to figure out sliders but having difficulty figuring it out.
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