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  1. Should've listen to me. But oh well. Lol
  2. Life's good. Same old stuff going on, except my kid almost at that age some people here were when WN first came around which is wild. Many times I do wonder how the pool is doing and sometimes miss it. how are all you people doing?
  3. If anyone cares my bday is coming up in less then a week and we could combine bday threads.
  4. Tanked to get McDavid probably
  5. A very happy birthday to Kmad
  6. Well still not happy we traded Brown, but I get it. Regarding Burks he was one of the players I was hoping for when we had our original pick and still had AJ Brown. Guess we will see how he does as the #2 behind Woods.
  7. It seems whenever I see Angel Hernandez make bad calls it's on the bases.
  8. Probably won't use it much but here's the link just in case Join me on Slack -- it’s a faster, simpler way to work. Sign up here, from any device: https://join.slack.com/t/cdcdynasty/shared_invite/zt-4rxe8701-DMO4s~aiTD0E7U_Pa1YPzg
  9. Haha I was wondering where you've been. We are actually thinking of moving the league to sleeper app. I think it's more user friendly for dynasty league. Just need everyone to sign up. You and @diesel_3 I think are last ones left. https://sleeper.app/i/jZPnGlO2bX98
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