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  1. Never really been good at these games, I can never sniff playing all star mode or whatever the highest difficulty is. I been playing Franchise mode on semi-pro and early on found the games to be fun. Later as the season goes on and I improve I start to win games rather easily. I would rather have games be close and struggle to get wins. So I change over to pro and get absolutely shelled. I need to find the right balance. Trying to figure out sliders but having difficulty figuring it out.
  2. gmen81

    NFL thread

    My fav bet of the weekend is Mahomes over 17.5 rush yards.
  3. gmen81

    NFL thread

    Chiefs Bills bucs packers
  4. gmen81

    NFL thread

    End of the day it always sucks losing. But everyone knows this Titans team wasn't winning a SB, so get the loss out of the way early before I really get my hopes up and then get crushed next week or week after.
  5. gmen81

    NFL thread

    Didn't like the way Vrabel and Smith called this game. Punting on 4th and 2 in Ravens was such a coward call. It was game over then.
  6. gmen81

    NFL thread

    I've got some prop bets going for today on Bet365. Logan Thomas over 45.5 receiving yards McKissic over 4.5 receptions carson over 60.5 rushing yards.
  7. gmen81

    NFL thread

    Ravens obviously gonna be a tough game and they could definitely win this one, but everyone going off that Ravens are hot at the right time and I wouldn't want to be the team to face them. Last 5 games. Cowboys Browns Jags Giants Bengals not exactly a murderers row of opponents
  8. gmen81

    NFL thread

    If the Dolphins had won earlier in the day I don't think I'd be able to handle watching that Titans game. Heart attack city. Ravens hot right now and gonna be tough.
  9. gmen81

    CDC Dynasty League

    Congrats @diesel_3 on the win. Hit us up on slack so we can send money.
  10. gmen81

    NFL thread

    Titans get to face Trevor Lawerence for the next 10 years.
  11. gmen81

    NFL thread

    Not really asking for advice just trying to see who others think I should start. Made finals in my big money fantasy league and I was able to claim Hurts on waivers a couple weeks ago. so would you start Hurts or Allen.
  12. gmen81

    CDC Dynasty League

    Hmm something up with Slack. Tried something. Let me know if any of you can get in?
  13. Never thought I’d ask and this is right down to the last minute but anyone here play hockey and are looking to join a team. Have to be at least 30 years old and pretty good at hockey as you are Div 2. Long shot but Yolo

    1. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      Probably good to give an idea of where you are playing.

    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i played in a mixed hockey game once. i skated behind the net after the puck and ran into this husky lady. i went don’t like a twig, but when she appologized for knocking me down, i felt pretty stupid. it’s been all down hill, ever since. 

  14. Would there be interest if I started an NHL auction keeper league using the ESPN platform?