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  1. gmen81

    NFL thread

    Is Russell Wilson the best QB in the NFL?
  2. gmen81

    NFL thread

    Burrow looked good on that final drive. Sucks Bullock blew it
  3. gmen81

    NFL thread

    So these rumours coming out of Washington are a little crazy eh.
  4. When we there we said I wonder if Vanderbilt has any good prospects and we looked it up and saw Austin Martin at the time was #1. Today we were talking about it and said wouldn’t it be cool if he fell to us. Didn’t think it would happen but here we are.
  5. So last year I went to Nashville to watch the Titans play. Vanderbilt is in Nashville and we were staying basically right next to the campus. We were walking around and saw where they play baseball. Noticed a few guys were hanging around about the hit some balls. Looked them up and noticed Martin was a top prospect. Talked to him briefly, and figured I would focus on him to see where his career goes. Love that he goes to the Jays.
  6. gmen81

    CDC Dynasty League

    Had to make a couple changes so you needed to select 21 keepers instead of 17. If you haven’t done so please do by tomorrow. @Tony Romo @diesel_3 @NucksPatsFan @King Heffy @Madness @Van40
  7. Haha no way Futa comes here to be Bennings puppet
  8. gmen81

    CDC Dynasty League

    Keeper lock is May 29th at 7pm Pst Draft will start June 1st Also remember to remove any players you may have on IR @diesel_3 @NucksPatsFan @King Heffy @Tony Romo @Van40 @Madness
  9. Good to know. Was scrolling through looking for a movie to watch last night and did think about this one. Didn’t end up watching any movie after not being able to decide but maybe I’ll get to this one eventually.
  10. Watched Parasite. It was aight I guess.
  11. gmen81

    NFL thread

    Moss is signing with the Redskins.
  12. gmen81

    NFL thread

    Free contest on FD. Don’t know much other then just listening to mock drafts
  13. gmen81

    NFL thread

    I’m not gonna pretend like I know any of these college players...especially the ones in the later rounds but I’d like to see the Titans to draft a CB, Lineman and edge rusher.
  14. gmen81

    NFL thread

    I was so surprised to see he was available in one of my leagues. These guys are savages and would have either held onto him or picked him up as soon as the news dropped.
  15. gmen81

    COD: Warzone

    So friend told me yesterday you can play with people on different platforms. We got Xbox and one of my buddies has PS4. Only problem was we couldn’t hear him. Apparently there’s a way to link up mic’s but we couldn’t figure out how. Anyone know how too?