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  1. What up, man? Long time no talk, eh?

  2. Hey I read in a forum that you had the old PPV song, could you please email it to me as well?


  3. Our views on high school are identical. Keep it up bud.

  4. I screwed up bad. I put like the comparisons between both of them and the contrasts. It was just messed.

    Anyways...what the heck is with this new format?

  5. Yeah i had the same stories. I just put stuff like how the difficulties involve writing. Ie, Writing a fiction and writing the proposal. and some other stuff that im too tired to remember.

  6. I had Exam Booklet Form A. Part C was so easy, I couldn't get part B - with that retarded question, "Compare and Contrast the challenges faced by write in both "How to Write Fiction" and "EPICAC". I memorized it 'cause that's how many time I read it over and over again 'cause I couldn't get it. <_<

  7. What version did you have. I had A and i couldnt figure out what to write for part C.

  8. Haha, thanks for the luck.

    62%!?! NICE!

    I really think I did horrible on mine. Right when I finished it, I knew I screwed up...bad. I'm kinda pissed.


    I wrote mine at 12;45, but guess what, my teacher gave me my mark before the exam. 62%!!!!!!!!

  10. Lol. I would probably too. I really hate English. <_<

    I'm nervous 'cause I've got my English prov. exam at 1:00 today. Wish me luck. =P Haha.

  11. Id take 65 right about now!

  12. Nice! Way to go!

    Haha, I got my mock exam (in English) back last week and I got 65%. Not to good....lol. But what are you gonna do?

    I can asure you that Socials won't be that hard. I took my exam last friday, and I think I did pretty good on it.

    So you've got Math in the bag, then? Nice!

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