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  1. Great deal for Oil. Ethan is trash in the crunch time of playoffs and it showed with his ice time.. dude is benched for 3 periods after terrible play on a goal against then first shift back on the ice in that elimination game and he kills the PK then line changes blindly (albeit McDavid didn’t get the puck deep for a change but still) and Barrie who replaces him on the ice can’t catch Connor on breakaway.. His whole team was choked at him and he looked like Ben Simmons out there in handshake line… dude knew he played his last game as an Oiler. Shouldn’t be a shock to an
  2. Big no... I hope we just pass on Sutter he's done
  3. Is it just me or that is zero games? Look at how many views on YT/IG etc. ?? Physicality is what sets this and NFL apart, no? Devils adovcate but dude is leaning in with his head not up (is Evans too young to of watched Don Cherry growing up?? I think not). Take the hit to get the goal in a clutch time... Jake made a split second decision to score and be vulnerable by doing so.. Keep your head up kids.............
  4. Oh we have Podz and Lind coming up on C right? you don’t trade away guys just because you have replacements. Sell low is JBs motto I guess. Except when it comes to contracts LOL
  5. Defending this trade because hopefully this kid coming back is Motte 2.0 is a sad defense of JB Now we don’t have to protect AG! Now someone else can fill in his spot next year! It won’t even take AG half a year to show how bad this trade is. Pearson playing with Horvat and people think he’s amazing now .. Do any of u actually watch Nuck games? Tanner $&!# the bed in the bubble and was nonexistent vs Golden Knights .. then played terribly all this season so he gets a fat 3yr deal Smh
  6. Best season? By scoring every one of his goals just about on empty nets? Yes I’m so glad we have an empty net specialist on our squad for 3 more years! He will decline every year of this 3 year deal - mark my words ... dudes Sutter 2.0
  7. AG on your team or a 3.25 mil TP for 3 years? How can we not just keep AG with so much potential vs a declining two way forward...... come on guys if we got a good player in return this trade would be ok but wow come on this trade is indefensible
  8. Might as well of traded him to Boston ... Neely 2.0 here in the making why would u trade the Hobey Baker hockey Gaud ?! ESP when it is for nothing?! Omg Benning I was mad about TP signing now I’m done with u Jimbo
  9. If we trade the Hobey Baker award winning Adam the hockey ‘Gaud’ ette.... when he is one of the few showing flashes of greatness.... kids still young why would we give up on him?! For what reason, to make the playoffs? Growing pains are thing and learn to deal with it fans. Send him and Jake to Boston, yeah ok. Do we want Neely 2.0 situation? Come on JB don’t you dare move either!
  10. More like the event of the century.. From 1920-2020 what has happened? Other than a couple world wars and two stock market crashes.. Nothing, not even 9/11 compares to covid. Yeah North America shut down for a bit and flights came to stop but this is worldwide international level event. We still don’t know the full scope but one things for sure, this’ll have a huge chapter in the history book of humans much like the Spanish flu did.
  11. Love you VC, glad you're still going strong (through thick n thin) on the forums! <3

  12. canuck champs caught you

  13. Man.. Seen Cody Hodgson lately?

  14. Lol thanks, love your username..

  15. LOL No problem.. Ty for the same :)

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