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  1. Montreal - losers and any other descriptor you want. Edmonton - losers, this team has had bad goaltending since Cujo left town and they blew a chance to draft the best prospect but passed. Columbus - winners, liked their first round selections. Minny - winners, see above.
  2. Burrows, always. There may be better players but there can only be one dragon slayer. Thanks for the memories.
  3. I guess the Crackers need someone that can play offense.
  4. Schenn was very solid in the playoffs this year, I was impressed with his poise. He would be a welcome addition imo.
  5. Ya I get that but I meant that perhaps he is not being qualified because they signed him before the deadline... Much like happened with Gaudette.
  6. Does this mean that Ritchie has signed a contract then? Can't see the big guy being set adrift otherwise.
  7. Wow 7 pages in 3 hours, lots of interest in this. As a cap dump I would be happy if it is just that, Bruins take the contract for a late round pick or depth contract, Canucks sign a backup and have free space for a defenseman. win win!
  8. Great job on this. I think the forward group has come together pretty well already and not a lot of additions need to be done there. I would say #3 and #5 could/should be the same player to meet both demands. I don't put as much weight on adding a Russian player as some have as Podz could be set up with a Russian billet family and an off ice assistant or the like to help him adjust as well. I would add a number 6 to the list in that I would like to have Holtby and Schmidt's contracts offloaded to free up more free agency space.
  9. I selected other, aka fourth line centre by committee. There are a number of players who could play this role, many are listed in the poll but I would like to see someone step up and take the bull by the horns and win it outright. Who that is remains to be seen at this point.
  10. Call it what is is, a cap dump by the Canucks. Pretty hard to benefit much if at all with these moves other than by clearing out cap space and trying to not take too much back in return. Adding 10 million to the Flyers in cap and taking 4.8 back leave the Flyers with very little to sign their remaining free agents. They are short on players for their defense and backup goaltending and have several RFA's to consider so this may be a bit high of an ask. The Canucks would be surely needing to retain salary on Holtby and would not be getting a pick in return.
  11. This sounds about right to me.
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