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  1. Heinen was traded from Boston in a hockey trade. He never stops giving everything he has every game. Being his third team in not an indictment of the player, this happens often
  2. We're too huggy feely on the west coast. We don't fire people we just ask them to try their best and have fun and that is good enough.
  3. No to Julien please. I do not like the guy. I really do not know what this group need to kick them in the butt and get them playing as a team but a young definitely does not need not an old school guy like julien. There are a few very good assistant coaches in the league that would be good to pry away in the off-season so we may have to wait until then.
  4. It is time for a change, I mean the rink is empty and the fans have stopped coming to games.
  5. Awesome for Burrows, back to the big leagues. We so need him back in our ranks though.
  6. I agree, I haven't seen enough of Gaudette to want to trade him but I have seen enough to know he has a lot of potential to be a solid secondary scorer. Of course the major flaw is some defensive deficiencies but he is young enough to learn how to be a pro as long as he is willing to learn.
  7. Myers with the streak breaker, hopefully it gets the team going like this great goal by an incredible legend did.
  8. Eriksson is scoring at a half point per game, better keep him with a lofty stat like that.
  9. I would say so. Support the coach and GM and don't give the players an out. And they played for each other tonight.
  10. Best game of the season for the Canucks. Nice to see the swagger is back, hope it stays.