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  1. It is his Jedi uniform and he is using mind tricks on other unsusoecting GM's.
  2. This is what won the cup for Colorado a few years later without a doubt.
  3. I would welcome him back to BC where he played junior. At this point of his career I doubt he is playing on back to back nights but is a a fitness freak and would still help this team. If the price is right I welcome the big guy aboard to help steer this team to its first Stanley Cup.
  4. Worst is probably Edmonton for what they didn't do. They have horrendous goaltending which they ignored completely, they could have drafted a stud or signed an better goalie but put the money to Hyman and Barrue instead. Canucks did well chipping away at the edges and not committing big money to any one player. I am.not at all concerned with Poolman and his 2.5 per year hit and I think he will be a solid player. Any team that paid big money and term for a UFA will likely.lose at some point.
  5. I feel bad for Poolman already. Seems he has been set up to meet some lofty expectations or forever be shunned to Aaron Romeland if he falls short of that. He is a Canuck now so I support him and will cheer for him and hope for the best. I don't care how much he signed for, just let him play.
  6. I was wondering if he was the same guy. I seem to recall watching him play in the prospects tourney a number of years back.
  7. I quite like this signing. Centre depth is always a good thing and Petan is a very talented player.
  8. Montreal - losers and any other descriptor you want. Edmonton - losers, this team has had bad goaltending since Cujo left town and they blew a chance to draft the best prospect but passed. Columbus - winners, liked their first round selections. Minny - winners, see above.
  9. Burrows, always. There may be better players but there can only be one dragon slayer. Thanks for the memories.
  10. I guess the Crackers need someone that can play offense.
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