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  1. I read that Linden and Tkachuk senior have had a long simmering feud dating back to the players association. Don't ask for a source though..... maybe write it off as speculation
  2. I'm hoping Flames. It just seems right to me after his time in Vancouver and the Flames can continue to fall short year after year.
  3. Awesome to see Demko moving well again and coming fast across the crease. This has been his first game since Covid where I thought he looks to really be back.
  4. The Hischier hit is rather comical. The way Nico threw his head back after the fact... poor kid could have given himself whiplash. He acted dead for a few seconds and then popped back up when his scene was done. pretty good acting for a rookie right there...
  5. It would be great to have the farm team local, the Langey Events Centre, Abbotsford and Pacific Coliseum would be great venues. If they want to join the AHL Pacific division maybe Reno would work. They were a finalist in Seattle's search before they landed on Palm Springs and there are direct flight to Vancouver. Sacramento could work as well. Some have also suggested Fresno but I would not go there, to get there from Vancouver you have to take several flights. Any location in BC will get the fans but if I recall, Calgary had to subsidize flights for other t
  6. Suspension or not, I like that Edler plays with an edge. You want your rugged defenders to play on the line knowing that from time to time that line may be crossed. I think in Edlers defense, he looked worn out, in fact the whole team did despite the win.
  7. Actually, according to NHL rules Edler is not a repeat offender. The repeat offender tag disappears after a time period where there are no offences. It is two years or something like that. Edler hasn't been suspended since 2013
  8. Bettman would give the Canucks a %5 million cap reduction if that happened ....... Just because.......He is BatBettman!!
  9. If you really want to drink just watch a leafs game and listen to how the "great" Austin Matthews in the like Superman, Abe Lincoln and Moses reincarnated into one ultra being. That would be enough to do it for me. Mind you I would just change the channel first.
  10. Hopefully the league and the owners are several decades past the mindset that players are simply chattel and do what is best for their individual and family's health and call the season. I don't think anyone wants to play again for a while until everyone can be healthy and in game shape.
  11. there are definately lingering symptoms. Sutter was excessively sick and Hughes had to have iv and lost weight. There are likely more...
  12. Miller speaking it as it is. The Canucks had the Brazilian variant which is supposed to very exceptionally hard the the age group that these young men are in. Maybe a guy isn't contagious but he could still be very far from full health. I am a lifelong Canuck fan who has lived the ups and downs of this team. The tight thing to do is to pull the plug on the season because I do not want to see these guys put a a brave face and try to play when they are not ready and then suffer more serious consequences or injury.
  13. Canucks need cheaper bottom 6 guys. Hopefully this is what we have in Highmore.
  14. So this is Yevgeni then? probably good to clarify this.
  15. Awesome...goaltending is locked up long term. gotta like it.
  16. Wow, the Ghost was the toast of the league a few years ago. He is owed 4.5 million for 3 years so I doubt he goes anywhere.
  17. The Canucks 4 picks will all play in the NHL and will all likely have long careers. Overall despite the low number of picks this is still not too bad.
  18. They need to do something so this is a start I guess,
  19. I would call the questions irrelevant because I do not like the Orca, never did and never will. Stick in the rink, new or old version or flying skate are all better.
  20. Goodbye to Canada's hockey Dad. Gone but not forgotten.
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