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  1. Steph, add me on msn?

  2. I need halp.


  3. Is this Steph ?

  4. I wanna make love in this club ~

  5. It was muddy.

    Got my apperals all facked up.

  6. not at the chldrens festival :P

    random kid gave me the ticket to go there.. so then i went and saw my class.. xD

  7. Heh. It was raining anyways..

  8. You're awesome.


  9. I can not go to the field trip tomorrow.


  10. bad behaviour..

  11. I am still the same. I still get into suspensions and fights :)

    I got sent home today...

  12. Nothing wrong with me. Still the same Tater.

  13. The hell is wrong with you !?


  14. Steph, I'm confused...

  15. What's a Tranny?

  16. You should take a nap or something.

  17. Why?

    Something not appropriate? :/

  18. It's not like me to do that.

    I don't know what happened to the old me -.-

  19. but...

    i dunno what the hell happened..

  20. ...

    you sound annoyed by me...

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