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  1. I agree with that... was my thought's on why we seem a little out of sync so far in general. We'll be formidable once they have time to gel, get in game shape (Hamonic), and get used to each others' voices/tendencies/etc
  2. Just pointing out that the youth alluded to in the previous text doesn't explain the extremely poor PK to start the season (especially when other teams' PP's haven't had alot of practice at this point).
  3. Maybe so but that doesn't explain how poor our PK has been when it's mostly vets on those units.
  4. Yes the rust did show, but that's to be expected with the circumstances surrounding this season opener. Holtby was so calm and solid though in having the D's back. The bolded part above is what really struck me though, as it's something we've been fairly bad at in the past but now brings excitement. Most solid and balanced D corps we've had in a long time along with 2 great starters in net (which will be huge in this condensed season).
  5. Yepper.... anything can happen. What i meant though was the entire > 4min of 3-on-3 the Habs didn't look dangerous at all (which is hard to do)
  6. Hey thanks! I'll have to check my profile more often, I guess HA.