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  1. We still have a few starters missing and a lot of turnover (which is why i hated how Green ran the pre-season)
  2. Could you imagine the outrage if Demko tweak something playing back to back in week 1 of the season ?
  3. Not me.... need to use the tandem smartly. Halak is good and will be eager to play for his new team. Weak opponent (and missing Larkin).
  4. It's killing me i can't go to the game tmrw (live across the border from Detroit). First Canuck visit to Detroit i've missed in over a decade.
  5. Ha.... my wife walked by the room when he was on and her only comment was "i can't stand that haircut"
  6. The other stat i'd like to see is how often we take the games first penalty in the opening minutes. Seems we're always on our heels to start and take one.
  7. Playing his first game means he has proven nothing yet in the NHL. I think he's going to be great for us, but i think every rookie gets eased in somewhat until the coach sees them in real NHL action.
  8. Yep... i don't blame Green for wanting to see Podz earn some trust (which i think he did a bit tonight)
  9. Standings based (and they don't change over the off-season)
  10. What someone should sign for is always subjective and relative to their team's dynamics and not just who they consider their peers around the league. Players had to adjust their expectations for years after the salary cap was instituted. On top of that fans and teammate's opinions do have an influence.
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