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  1. A lot went wrong for the team last year, i dont exepect to the same extent this year. Add to that how much better the roster as a whole improved and i see no way we arent competing for the playoffs (which i think we make)
  2. We'll be younger, faster, more skilled, more aggressive, with a better defensive structure and better special teams (how long since we had a legit 2nd PP). Better schedule (more early practice together and rest at the start of the year), hopefully less covid/quarantine issues, a healthy Petey, and QH is over his sophmore slump.
  3. No worries.... yes i was really looking fwd to seeing Canucks-Kraken games in both cites on the same trip out west.
  4. I don't know why you decided to take issue with my use of home and home... but no definition i see for it says anything about the games having to be on consecutive days (just successive contests): taking place alternately on the home grounds of competing teams or participants engaged in successive contests or contests related by being on the same schedule home-and-home series.
  5. Not just that... his monetary compensation dictated he have a larger role than 4C PK'er. Nobody liked him in the top 6 or on the PP. This won't be a problem with this new contract.
  6. That's what i was pushing for last week to try and pry Cernak from TB.
  7. Not at all... i''ve wanting Pearson on the 3rd line all along (like the player, just not in the top 6). Picking up Garland made me hopeful for solving that. And yes...2 solid RHD. I don't know why we haven't resigned Hamonic yet TBH. seems like win-win for both sides.
  8. it became real to me that he might be traded once it became real to me that he wants to leave
  9. Except that the 4 skaters that left weren't on the roster at the end of the season (so their replacements had cap hits as well). Not much i know, but every bit counts in the flat cap world.
  10. Thought it would be a given... especially in a condensed Olympic year. But for some reason we have a home and home vs the Blues ?
  11. So no home and home against the Kraken ? I'm in Ontario and my brother is in Seattle. We were waiting for the scheds to come out so we could see the Canucks vs Kraken in both cities. I was born in N.Van but don't get too many opportunities to get back out west.
  12. Gives us enough cap to sign Hamonic though, who i'd love to see back.
  13. This is very true... they attempt to disparage every move he makes while pumping up other CDN team GMs who make (IMO) worse moves. Watch the Canucks get off to a great start and the media will find some minor angle to knock him for... like he's pushing the core to peak too early or something ridiculous.
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