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  1. Anything that helps us not get pinned in our end so much will go a long way in our overall game
  2. Miller and Graovac would be there ahead of Focht (i'm assuming Graovac re-signs)
  3. Resolving 3C is definitely a high priority for next season. Right after RD.
  4. It was nice to see that he has a knack for getting his shot past the block (unlike Edler). I'm looking fwd to him developing futher... should be a solid LD
  5. Specifically the LAK logo. Everybody picture it between now and the call for 9th.
  6. Easily covered by the Luongo recapture being done. I'm hoping we lose Holtby in the ED, but if not a buyout wouldn't hurt.
  7. I like the idea.... but i like Ferland for Cernak better
  8. And another year under Ian Clarke (hopefully)
  9. Yep... add "weaponize cap space" as part of those trades. Would love to see him acquire someone like Cernak.
  10. What contender could afford to add BOTH Sedins at the TDL ?
  11. Anyone know where there's stats such as how many times teams take themselves off the PP ? I'd be shocked if we weren't near the league lead league in this.
  12. Don't know how that got missed. Tough to not complain after the dozens of weak one handed 'slashes' that get called regularly that never affect the play.
  13. Our guys were game (and impressed with their ability to come back over and over) but i thought that depth was the difference. Vegas can roll 4 lines with size, speed, and skill whereas we're not able yet to ride two lines.
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