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  1. That performance by Silva, will just show that GSP would beat the Spider any day of the week. GSP's got world class wrestling, and if he cant take down him down he can stand and bang with the spider something of which Sonnen really couldn't do. But for now i want a rematch!!!!!!!
  2. wow, Struve's got a huge heart coming back from that 1st round Come on Alves please KO Fitch!!
  3. Only a couple of more days left until Silva destroys Sonnen :D
  4. UFC 115 without Fitch/Alves is a huge loss.... Pat Berry vs Cro Cop as Co-Main Event?? not good.
  5. 100% agree that was embarrassing Fights were lackluster, Wont be surprised if CBS plugs the plug on Strikeforce after that ending GSP vs. Shields?? at 170 wouldn't be a bad match-up, although it would probably be a wrestling match
  6. Now what Strikeforce needs to do is have Fedor vs Overeem for the title, that would be a good fight
  7. GSP owned penn GSP vs Silva would be an awesome fight and much better than GSp vs Alves
  8. GSP will knockout penn in the 4th round
  9. cant wait for the rampage, griffin fight. i think rampage wins by decision
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