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  1. Anyone else have any flash back of 36 hustle out there, I love how hard he goes into the corners the numbers just so fitting, just with some more offensive upside potential
  2. If we could hold mcdavid off the score sheet opening night possibly the following day as well my fantasy team would be very much appreciated thanks guys
  3. Well they replaced him with barrie, and I got a feeling edm wasn’t calling him with offers to run there pp1, im curious what our D will look like if/when try comes over and I’m happy we can shelter juolevi and rathbone rotate them in and out of the lineup not to much thrown upon them at once perfect grooming scenario. hughes- schmidt edler-myers tryamkin-hamonic That bottom 4 is mean
  4. Lol! I literally watched Mcdavid get a point last year I watched it on my pvr like 5 times and he didn’t get within 10 feet of a puck it screwed my fantasy team over hard that week, he must have spit over and touched the puck it’s the only explanation
  5. Please don’t take motte out of plans going forward, and I feel like we can keep virtanen around on a very team friendly deal, hogs won’t be ready for the show next year I think pods would be but that’s all up to weather his team would release him to come or not, but I am all for filling the holes within or making hockey trades from this point forward, no more big fish free agents
  6. Haha I’m just buggin there’s a reason I’m on this site and not writing for a living
  7. Haha he was suspended this year for a cheap elbow but I don’t see him as a coward like march, he’s more Gallagher like in that in your face with the odd dirty move here and there, the kinda guy you hate but love to have on your team I get the feeling we will see the odd crossing the line with this kid I’m sure he will mature out of it like “most” do and find the line to walk on I would love to see another guy as annoying as rousell is to play against and be good enough to be pushing that 18-22 mins a game putting up numbers well doing it... exciting times guys exciting times
  8. 3rd string? Crazy to think he’s atleast 3-4 years away from even having a shot at playing at this level good to see hockey Canada look at future rather than having some random backup sit in the pressbox doing nothing let the kid get the experience and maybe he is roommates with his future captain bo
  9. Hahahaha love the sig I gotta keep going and looking at it