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  1. Hahahaha have a wonderful day princess
  2. Freedom of speech makes our country great, and righteous comments on your ethics are unneeded i for one don’t support men assaulting women and I’m disgusted in jakes actions and think he’s a slime ball and trust me I got a lot of mutual friends and the guy has nose beers on the normal. I for one wish everyone would stop protecting this little creepy dude
  3. lmao the guy has been shut down by the team have you seen Twitter.... omg dude grow up stop standing up for criminals
  4. 2021 is soft as s*** my god
  5. Glad you can take a joke... I bet you are really fun at party’s
  6. Maybe virtanen can invite him to Abbotsford and show him how to chop a line proper and force women into his bed
  7. I think Edler is affective when rested and healthy, I would be fine signing him 1.5 and sitting him back to backs and a couple road trips off if we plan on making playoffs next season if not in our plans I would say time to move on and get the kids in the holes
  8. 1.clarke 2.power 3.beniers 4.guenther 5.mctavish are my top 5, mctavish going top 5 might be a bit of a stretch I just love his compete level and what he brings eklund is really good I just feel like we already have that player and I want to become tougher to play against. With jake more than likley out of our plans to add another solid scoring middle 6 guy is important, I’m not excited about any LHD but power is an exception with what his ceiling brings and brandt Clarke fills a huge hole we have in our prospect group on the right side. I may be reading a little much into this tourney but with the small sample size we had this year if there has ever been a year to judge a player off of this tournament it would be this year all in all I can see 1-2 of those guys being available when we pick if we stay top 8
  9. I’m sure enjoying mctavish’s game, kid has such high compete. If we pick around 10 I wouldn’t be the slightest bit upset using our pick on him, can never have enough energy guys. if we get up a little higher 6-8 I hope guenther or Clarke is there for the picking, hope everyone else is enjoying the tournament!
  10. Well depietro might be an option as a back up actually, none of us have seen him in a year but the fact that he has been working with Ian Clarke all year makes me feel confident he’s ready to take the back up roll on
  11. I was just talking with a friend about this, a lot of factors there may be other teams leaving better goalies but they also may have to leave a bigger piece to the puzzle unprotected and that forces there hand to move on to the next best goalie available. There is a good chance holtby will be a top 3 goalie option for them if he continues this play
  12. Virtanen about to take off for a couple games and rise his trade stock (2nd line)
  13. Guys ready for the nhl, better coaching, proper prospect management, and learning the North American ice is important, playing in the khl isn't the worst but it by far isn't the best. We are in need of a player of his skill set into our lineup. I think he will look as much in place as hoglander does right now
  14. I’m pretty sure aquaman forced linden out because he was done rebuilding before the rebuild was complete, so I’m going to go on a hunch and say no not even slightly in the thought process
  15. Put the bottle down! Hughes is unreal, have you stopped to think about finding a good d pairing for him before giving up on a potential 21 year old 80 point d man .....cmon man
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