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  1. This should almost help put an end to his FA rumours if there is any. He'd have to hold off on a huge payday from whenever his college season ends to whenever the NHL season ends, which may be past August. Seems like a high character kid anyways so I doubt this is his plan, but it would definitely factor into his decision if he did want to leave.
  2. I wonder if they push back some of these deadlines with everything going on. The season could still be going. I don't think they'd let our prospect just sign with another team mid season.
  3. With the emergence of Gaudette I can live with trading Madden. I think Madden is still 2 years away at best and Toffoli is worth the give.
  4. I was open to signing either of them truthfully. I just know everyone will say we should have saved the 2 mill and taken Gardiner as if it was ever really an option we had.
  5. The coach said he'd be a big piece of their team as long as he's healthy and available
  6. Plus eventually Roussel comes back for even more sandpaper, if only we still had Dorsett that fourth line would be a nightmare. And unless he's waived you wonder where Loui Eriksson fits.
  7. I have no idea what that other guy is talking about. Does that AAV factor in his bonuses he's hit?
  8. I think the biggest problem with a 2 year contract would be having to reup EP QH and BB all in the same year. I'd say it needs to be a 3 year term minimum. But yeah he's not signing for under 6.5 I'd imagine even in a bridge scenario.
  9. They realize just because it worked for MDZ doesn't mean it'll work annually right?
  10. Careful now we all saw what happened to the "Do we even need Burrows? " thread
  11. If players learn through adversity than Mikey will be an expert after dealing with the WJC and now this. Hard for him now, but it'll likely make him mentally stronger going forward
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