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  1. Should've tried trading for Malkin last year when he wasn't re-signed. Kesler/Edler for starters. Definitely worth.
  2. I shouldn't really be saying anything, since the last time i watched it was like a year and a half ago so i don't really remember much.. I will say though that Paranormal Activity 1 definitely wasn't just a bunch of jump scares and whatnot. Every single one after the first one sucked bad, but the 1st one deserves some credit.
  3. See, the Blair Witch Project was a fantastic movie when it came out. I'm pretty sure it was the first ever movie of its kind, but compared to some of the movies now... Meh. Hell, i'd say i got more scared at the first Paranormal Activity than the Blair Witch Project.
  4. Man, i'm gonna have to agree with you on the 3rd one being the best. When those oldies walked out of that room.. Oh man, I screamed like a little girl
  5. Can i just use my passport to apply for a new Social Insurance Card? I lost my card and dont remember my number lol

    1. Avicii


      Like go in with my passport and divers license is that good enough or do i need like my birth certificate.. (was born and live in Van)

    2. Armada


      Goodluck.. You're gonna need all your I.D. Passport and license will work but get ready for a bunch of questions. Its a hassle.

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      one of the hardest things to get re issued is your sin card..been waiting over 10 years for mine

  6. I would've traded both Sedin twins for Malkin if the option was there.. Too bad he just re-signed
  7. Insidious 2: crapped my pants/10 I'M SO SCARED WTF
  8. I know right! It sounded so much better when the vocals were more faded.. The singer was also better EDIT: Thank the HEAVENS the instrumental sounds the exact same though.. Might be the saving grace.
  9. What the hell are these vocals.. http://a1302.phobos....plus.aac.ep.m4a WTF the other version is SO MUCH BETTER.. And what the hell did he turn Liar Liar into.. Well it's not fair to judge by the previews but from the sounds of it i'm liking the other versions better...
  10. When are movie tickets released for Fridays? I wanna buy tickets to Insidious but nothing on Friday even shows up.. Like it's not an option on Cineplex

  11. Kunitz/Couture/Neal - Crosby - Stamkos Giroux - Toews - Nash Tavares - Thornton/Getzlaf - Staal/Perry Lucic - Bergeron - Sharp/Richards/Carter Every line has grit, size, skill, and is defensively reliable. (1st line doesn't really have size, but i doubt that really matters)
  12. People who don't think Nash is a lock for this team are delusional. Nash is a great overall hockey player. His defensive game is completely underrated for some reason, even to hockey analysts. I remember when Canada played Russia in 2010, I'm certain Nash was given the job to shut Ovechkin down. Hell, Nash did that and completely eliminated him from the game. What did Ovie even do? Nothing i'm pretty sure. Maybe it wasn't all Nash, but it was his job and he succeeded. (?) - Toews - Nash... Yeah, even a line of Malkin - Datsyuk - Ovechkin wouldn't score a single goal.
  13. More about chemistry and fit rather than points. St. Louis is a great player don't get me wrong, i love the guy and think he's a prime example of a little guy succeeding in the NHL. But should he really be on the roster playing in every single game? I don't think so. Like i said, he'll most likely be on the team, but he probably won't play the really important games. Maybe against like Latvia or some country like that. Games against Russia/USA, i honestly would prefer someone who's more feisty and gritty. To beat the Russians you need to be in their face and piss them off. If it was purely a game of skill, the Russians would probably win easily. The Americans are the same. Low-scoring, lots of trap play and lots of defense. Can Marty handle it? Some would argue that he can, but i'd be more comfortable with someone like Perry. To me, the 4 RW spots should go to: Stamkos/Nash/Perry/Carter/Sharp. I don't really know if Carter should be on the list since i don't know if he plays LW or RW.. But nonetheless, I don't really see where St. Louis fits. Unless he switches to LW? I don't know, just don't see where he fits. One thing is for sure though, if he isn't in the top-6, he is relatively useless compared to other players out there to fill the "grinder/defensive" forward positions.
  14. St. Louis doesn't really fit anywhere on the team. He will probably make the roster, but he'll most likely me a Fleury type guy where he doesn't play a single game but gets the medal nonetheless. He's useless in a bottom 6 role, and Nash/Stamkos should take up the 2 RW spots in the top-6.
  15. Can't believe this isn't on True.. wtf.. Imagine if it's just a little bit brushed up and better tuned..
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