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  1. Thanks man, appreciate it. Let me know if I can make one for you.

  2. Shoot him in the head, and throw him in a junk yard? Jesus Christ.
  3. 1662 posts in White Noise. o.o

  4. As long as it's in regulation. Is renovations done at RC yet?

  5. Yeah, we needed that win. I seriously hate the shootout.

  6. Still got half a season to go. (:

  7. We just got destroyedd.

  8. OH LOL, okaay. I'm excited for Target. S:

  9. Shiett, you drive?

  10. Guess I'm kinda late to reply, haha.

    Are you from Vancouver?

  11. Haha, hooow are yooou? 8 game winnin streak!

  12. littlemissorangepenuin's a homooo. (:

    Merry freaking Christmas big sis!

    How's life been?

  13. Yo Merry Christmas buddy, have a great one!

  14. Talk to me, Goose.

    You know I learned my first swear word from Top Gun LOL.

    Merry Christmas yo.

  15. Awh, you make me feel like a kid. ):

    You're from PA? Why so far? D:

  16. Heeey, whatsuuup? (:

  17. Yessir. In like, the worst country, too.

    I just sneak out all the time to go home, when my parent's aren't there. If they ever come home, and I'm home, I'll probably never be able to go back to Canada.

  18. Chachacha.

    Boarding school, FML.

  19. Why did you change your mind? A doctor would have been an amazing job, wouldn't it?

  20. Oh really? What did you want to do when you were smaller?