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  1. Debbie! What more damage could she have done if not cucked by Arizona early on!
  2. Boston releases Kaapo Kahkonen Brayden McNabb
  3. What's Ridge Meadows? mash up of two different places?
  4. 1000 games, over 775 points. Not bad considering she got dicked in Russia for a few years. 2 Calder Cups and 1 Jack A. Butterfield trophy (which is...let me google...most valuable player in Calder Cup!) Thanks for the career!
  5. Can Debbie go to a winning team to finish off career? Calgary meh
  6. Congrats to Aaron Rioux for his all star appearance in rookie year!
  7. Debbie signed 4 straight one year deals. Still going strong
  8. You're OK, bro. No need to overstate the obvious. Almost everyone sees what's up.

  9. It is absolutely ridiculous how uneven the mods are with their treatment. I can't believe all your posts in that thread were deleted while much more blatant violations of the rules stand from other users who suck up.

  10. Holy crap we agreed on something :P

  11. :D

    Looks like your CDC reputation took a bit of a hit from that Amber Alert thread...