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  1. K this is way too fast for a sunny Sunday I'll take whoever I don't know
  2. Quick Florida Draft History Recap! It's kinda ugly! 2016 #18 Jake Bean. Dealt, what happened to him? #78 Tim Gettinger--Still have him, fringe NHL'er at this point. #108 Jacob Cederholm--Bust, just released. #110 Jakob Stukel - No idea. 2017 #29 Urho Vaakanainen-Bust, don't know where's at now. #57 Alex Formenton-Dealt recently, should be better this year. #73 Morgan Frost - Dealt, should be a good pro. #86 Stuart Skinner - Still have him, working his way up? #99 Alex Texier - Dealt, another good pro in the making.
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